Digital Storytelling with the Right “Container” in Anatomy And Physiology = Success + 95% Reduction in Textbook Cost

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Brief Abstract

Digital storytelling can powerfully convey difficult concepts.  However, individual assets can’t provide the entire story.  Combined with the right “container” and expert text and animation, these assets have been used successfully to teach A&P courses.  Our containers include ibooks and SoftChalk™, which both allow for interactive, multi-touch student experiences.


Cathy Bill, MS, DVM is an Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology and Distance Learning lead faculty in Biological and Physical Sciences at Columbus State Community College. She has been an educator for over 28 years. In addition to serving as a co-author on 8 iBooks for Anatomy and Physiology, she is a coauthor on a series of custom course manuals in Anatomy & Physiology. She is a 2005 recipient of Columbus State Community College's Distinguished Teaching Award.
Julie Posey, MS is an Assistant Professor of human anatomy and physiology and lead faculty of Physiology disciplines at Columbus State Community College. She has been an educator for 22 years and holds a Masters degree in pharmacology. In addition to serving as a co-author on two iBooks for Anatomy and Physiology, she is a coauthor on a series of custom course manuals in A&P and Human Biology. She is a 2013 recipient of Columbus State’s Distinguished Teaching Award.
Merideth Sellars, MS is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at Columbus State Community College where she serves as the PI for the Future Scientists of Ohio Scholars Program, Faculty Advisor for STEM Club and a coordinator for STEM Community Outreach and Engagement. In addition to serving as a co-author on two iBooks in Anatomy and Physiology, Merideth serves as the Distance Learning Lead Instructor for her department. She is a 2011 recipient and a 2019 nominee for the Columbus State's Distinguished Teaching Award.
Professor at Columbus State Community College. I have taught at this lovely institution for 26 years. My subject area is Human Anatomy and Physiology. My background education is a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Master of Science in Poultry Science and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; all from the Ohio State University.

Extended Abstract

We know that an engaging and interactive delivery of Anatomy and Physiology concepts is essential for student success, especially as we continuously advance the technological environment offered to our diverse student populations. Notoriously, engaging digital material is only accessible to students at a very high cost or with great effort in researching and tailoring an OER. However, our faculty have produced numerous digital assets, incorporating the memory-enhancing power of digital storytelling.  Organizing these assets into an iBook which contains numerous videos, interactive learning objects and self-assessments, as well as text, has allowed for delivery of high-quality resources. The digital assets, in addition to brand new illustrations, have been produced through collaboration between faculty and Instructional Designers. This unique method of OER development can be applied across many platforms and used in eLearning environments.

Learn how the ibooks we’ve produced allow students mobile access to an affordable digital container of accessible and innovative science content. For those who do not have an Apple device, or who prefer larger screens, digital assets were incorporated into lessons using the SoftChalk content and eLearning authoring tool.  We will demonstrate the unique ibooks and SoftChalk lessons we have created, teach you about our collaborative process and engage our audience through participation, all to gain an understanding of the impressive innovation that makes learning successful and fun.

Level of Participation:

Participants will experience the digital material with a guided walk-through and will be encouraged to interact directly with our iBooks and SoftChalk lessons, being placed in groups to competitively complete assessments.  In addition, opportunities for hands-on experience with the anatomy and physiology iBooks and SoftChalk lessons will be available as presenters will bring ten iPads and attendees will have opportunities to work in groups through multi-touch lessons, and complete worksheets which are used to direct learning.  Attendees with Apple devices will have the opportunity to receive copies of a Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology iBook airdropped to their device.

Session Goals:

Individuals attending this workshop will be able to discuss the value of collaboration between faculty and instructional designers in the creation of engaging digital material, which can then be used in eLearning environments.  Further, they will be able to discuss the value of choosing the method used to disseminate this material and learn approaches to creating the “container”, using iBooks author and SoftChalk authoring tools as examples.  Finally, attendees will experience the value of digital storytelling and the power of multi-touch activities in learning a difficult science topic.