How Can Proctorio Promote Educational Equity?

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

Online education promised to level the playing field for students everywhere by creating more opportunity and flexibility. However, a critical component was missing–integrity. With remote proctoring solutions came the ability to protect the integrity and validity of online degrees.


Mike Olsen is the Founder & CEO of Proctorio, an online proctoring company that uses machine learning and facial recognition technologies to validate student activity and identities in computer-based learning environments. Dubbed an “Artful Hacker” by PC Magazine and named one of Arizona’s "35 Entrepreneurs Under 35” by the Arizona Republic, Mike is a leader in creating educational technology that protects student privacy while increasing the value of online degrees. As Lead Research Software Engineer for ASU Online, Mike helped develop one of the world’s premiere online educational systems. Having graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in Aeronautics and Software Engineering, Mike has a reputation for disrupting old paradigms and increasing student success in digital classrooms.

Extended Abstract

Online education is a tool designed to create opportunity and level the playing field for students everywhere. With these programs, we have seen the definition of a student change. Education is no longer limited to inside the walls of brick & mortar institutions. Students are parents, active military and people with full-time jobs who are now able to continue their education however it may fit into their schedule.

While this has created greater opportunity, there was a crucial missing piece–integrity. Without integrity, online degrees don’t possess the same value as degrees that are issued by traditional universities. Institutions have realized that they need a way to verify that a student was actually the one taking a course and that they were actually mastering the material required for the course. Proctorio is helping create educational equity by ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to earn the grades that they deserve.

This session will be beneficial in teaching instructors how using Proctorio’s learning integrity platform is protecting both the integrity of online learning and students privacy. Proctorio is revolutionizing remote proctoring by providing an automated and unbiased solution to online assessment.  In this session, participants will have a deeper understanding of how Proctorio is leveling the playing field in online education by ensuring integrity with specific examples of best practices from instructors. We will use a slideshow during the presentation. Through the session we will use slides to display information to the audience, but plan to encourage open communication. This presentation is designed to engage the audience and have them share their experiences with remote proctoring and how it has positively impacted their education experience.