The OLC Escape Room Mission

OLC Session

Brief Abstract

In the spirit of constructivist learning, the Technology Test Kitchen will feature an EdTech themed Escape Room event on Friday morning, 9:45am – 12:30pm in Northern Hemisphere C.

For those daring space travelers who are looking for something more exciting and adventurous, we invite you to join others in completing the OLC Escape Room Mission (#OLCEscapeRoom) – a fun challenge and puzzle-based experience that unites participants around collaboration and strategy. Space travelers will have the option to choose between four 30-minute time slots, which run between 9:45am -12:30pm.

Escape Rooms are collaborative experiences where participants work together to solve a series of puzzles, challenges, riddles, or mysteries using clues, hints, and intentional strategy. They often feature a specific theme and a particular set of objectives that require participants to work as a team if they hope to complete the challenge in time. 

In the spirit of the Technology Test Kitchen, the OLC Escape Room will allow conference participants a fun and unique space to not only engage with a variety of educational technologies, but do so in a themed, challenge-based environment with others. Challenges might include finding a hidden code within a database to unlock a presentation, navigating through a virtual or augmented reality to receive your next clue, using distance-learning technologies to communicate with your teammates, or completing a circuit to turn on a device, among others. That said, they will all be fun, practical, and representative of the types of teaching and learning challenges that educators face in their day-to-day lives.  

To hear from others who have participated in OLC Escape Room challenges before, visit the OLC Escape Room Testimonials flipgrid page.

Each member of the winning team (max 10 members per team) will receive a $25 OLC gift card and some fun OLC swag!

Report to the space crew sign-up form (coming soon) to join your team and review the 2019 OLC Escape Room Mission today! 

Extended Abstract