Beyond Graduation: Overcoming Obstacles To Reach Academic Success And Employment Expectations

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Brief Abstract

Students often face challenges on the road to graduation and employment. While support resources are out there, not every student will utilize them. In this session, we explore these roadblocks and discuss ways students can overcome them with Cengage Unlimited and its new online College Success and Career Center’s resources.


Elizabeth Beiting-Lipps is a Senior Product Manager at Cengage, leading the work on the College Success Center and Career Center offerings in Cengage Unlimited. Elizabeth has worked at Cengage for eight years in a variety of roles within the product organization. Prior to her work at Cengage, Elizabeth taught community college in the classroom and online. Her work at Cengage allows her to implement her philosophy—that learning enhances living at any age and in all circumstances—furthering the Cengage mission to make every student a confident learner.

Extended Abstract

Ninety percent of students cited employment as their primary reason for pursuing higher education, yet 73% of employers say students graduate without the skills needed for career success. Even with all of the academic and career resources at most institutions, they often go unused because of lack of awareness or logistical and psychological barriers.

That’s why Cengage is helping students overcome these roadblocks using our College Success and Career Centers—included with a Cengage Unlimited subscription.

Cengage is the education and technology company of choice, built for learners. We empower students to become agents of their learning with information they trust in a format they enjoy, to build productive careers as lifelong learners.

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription service maximizing access and affordability for every student. It includes access to our full collection of online textbooks and courseware plus study tools, College Success and Career Centers and additional benefits from partners like Evernote and Dashlane.

Tools and tutorials in Cengage Unlimited help students master the competencies needed to excel in college, while building skills for a successful transition into the workplace—all with support available at a personalized pace.

Learn how Cengage Unlimited can support your students’ academic and professional achievement!