Efficiently Revitalize Your Courses With Active-Learning Assignments

Concurrent Session 7

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Brief Abstract

Integrating seamlessly with LMS platforms, Muzzy Lane Author activities are accessible and mobile friendly, auto-assessing students while encouraging higher-order thinking. Course creators can quickly and cost-effectively build new activities, adapt aging media, or elevate courses by purchasing pre-made content.


Senior Designer at Muzzy Lane Software with a background in educational technology, book publishing, audio and video production, UX design, writing, marketing, and sales.
Jeff Fiske has been effectively empowering partners and development teams in the creation of strategy games and simulations for over 20 years.

Extended Abstract

Everyone wants to improve student engagement and game-based learning is a great way to do that, but historically the cost and time requirements have kept this goal out of reach.

Join us to see how activity types like simulations, self-assessments, and roleplaying activities can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing curriculum. During our session we will show you how these types of activities are created, managed and deployed on your LMS using content that is currently live in front of students.

Whether you are an instructional designer, administrator, subject matter expert, or teacher, we hope to leave you with relevant insights and a roadmap on how to upgrade your courses.