Next-Level Learning: How Adaptive Technology Can Help Students Connect Learning Concepts To Application

Concurrent Session 10

Brief Abstract

Students in all subjects often struggle with moving past memorizing concepts and learning objectives to real-world mastery and application. Adaptive technology can help immerse students in real-life examples and provide hands-on opportunities to practice. Join this session, moderated by McGraw-Hill’s Chief Product officer, Scott Virkler, to hear from several instructors from different disciplines and institutions as they discuss how adaptive technology has impacted their students’ learning process, improved learning outcomes, and increased student engagement.


Scott Virkler has over 25 years of experience working with Education, Information & Online Media Companies and leading their efforts to leverage Software and the Internet to better serve their customers. In his diverse background has succeeded with creating value in the education, medical and engineering markets via various business models. He joined McGraw-Hill Education in July 2013 to lead the creation of the centralized Digital Portfolio, Program and Product Management team. In April of 2016, he accepted the Senior Vice President, Chief Product Officer of Products and Markets for McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Extended Abstract