Workshop Testimonials

The Online Workshop Series

Sloan-C workshops are the smart way to support continuous professional development. Each workshop is developed by practitioners for practitioners; enabling thousands of colleagues worldwide to collaborate cost effectively with peers and experts, via real-time and asynchronous meetings. These workshops are 2–4 weeks long, and have been widely acclaimed among professional development organizations in online education.

The Quality of Sloan-C Online Workshops

"I am presently taking the Blended courses for certification. Being immersed in these courses has given me renewed energy and commitment to improved teaching and increased learning for my students. I am absolutely amazed at the change in me and in my course designs!! My students are energized and involved again!! I assure you that I really couldn't begin to express the difference it has made in my overall attitude and willingness to continue to think outside the box."
Kathryn Locke, Associate Professor
Teacher Education
Shawnee State University

"I am glad that I took the Sloan C workshop. It was very enlighting and has helped me so much in my teaching. It helped me also to understand more about how copyright law affects many different areas. I enjoyed the workshop because it was so easy to access and my questions were answered very quickly and I had no problems with anything associated with the workshop. This was a very user friendly experience with no stress. I was able to access the workshop material at my convenience and that was a big help. Thank you all for doing something so positive and I look forward to taking more workshops with Sloan C as I would like to work toward my certification. I appreciate it. I would recommend this to anyone who would like a great experience in gaining more knowledge."
Kina Sweet, MBA
Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University

"One of the most beneficial courses I took was in January 2010 where I learned much about how to make my courses more accessible. I was shocked to learn that some of my choices actually were very confusing for a non-sighted person to navigate because I used generic directions like 'click here.' Now I label everything with title of item, module and course, which, of course, is very logical. The faculty members were incredible--I had never worked with html and they were very gracious and timely with feedback.

I took another fabulous course on Web 2.0 tools--the instructor was organized, talented, informative and timely. The content was very helpful with many choices based on faculty members' needs. Her feedback and the kinds of class participation she encouraged were superb. I learned so much and had fun learning too.

Both of the courses include synchronous and asynchronous forms--so you could fit them within a very busy teaching schedule, which is typical for most college folks. The instructors were quick to answer questions and open them up for other colleagues to comment on too. I will be honest--I think you get what you put into the Sloan-C courses. If you work hard and stay on top of assignments, you will learn an amazing amount to transfer into your own teaching.

Here are some of the strategies I routinely do thanks to the Sloan C courses:

    • Deliverables: I used to have a typical syllabus, but now I also include a separate Deliverables Sheet, which identifies module, assignment, due date. Students like having this on one or two sheets that they can print out and post.
    • Sub-objectives: While I have overall objectives for the courses I teach, I now have sub-objectives for each module.
    • Better Accommodating Students with Disabilities: This has been the major challenge for me because I use many teaching videos when I assess learners. For my vodcasts, I now 'strip' the video and have an mp3 file for the vodcast; I am working on typing the script and that's my challenge I continue to work on.
    • Crosswalk between Objectives and Activities: Using a concept map, I have make vodcasts of the the connections between course objectives and specific activities. I think this helps students see the 'bigger' picture.
    • Use of Social Bookmarking: I use social bookmarking to annotate websites, readings, etc. and have joined several interest groups that help me stay abreast of new Web 2.0 tools. That way, I can be sure I am current and also incorporate these in my online teaching."
Kathleen. A. Gormley, PhD
Associate Professor School of Education, The Sage Colleges


"As one who has taught numerous online university courses over the past 12 years, I am keenly aware of how important it is for instructors to enhance their courses with audiovisual materials. It is for this reason that I signed up to take the Sloan-C workshop titled "Audio/Video Tools for Teaching & Learning," and I'm certainly glad that I did.

Participants were introduced to a wide range of tools and expertly coached in both the technical and practical aspects of their use. The workshop facilitators were actively engaged, very approachable professionals. I very highly recommend this top-notch workshop to all online instructors. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, nicely paced, and extremely helpful course."
Nile Stanton,
University of Maryland University College

"Sloan-C workshops are simply great! The content is always of high quality, well presented, and current. I have attended more than 11 workshops and can’t wait to enroll in the 12th one. These workshops have been directly applicable to what I do on a daily basis and the well qualified teachers always went above and beyond to provide answers to questions not covered in the course material.  The diversity of students engaged in these online workshops has been an added bonus without a doubt!

These workshops served as a networking platform and allowed me to give and receive feedback about live projects at work. I love the fact that access to all of the Sloan-C workshops is available for one year! This gives me the opportunity to tap into well organized content and resource materials when I want it, where I want it, and at times in the formats that I want it in.  Wait here is one more, I teach at a few academic institutions as an online adjunct faculty member, and these recognized workshops have allowed me to meet each institution’s professional development goals."
Andaz  Ahmad, Director of Instructional Technology
Ivy Tech Community College

“I have attended several other online workshops and find Sloan-C workshops to be the best in terms of design and facilitation.”
Sheri Steinke, Director of Online Learning
North Hennepin Community College, MN

“The discussion forum was an invaluable resource. It let me see the thoughts of others, and their challenges.”
Chrys Dean, Instructional Designer
West Virginia University, WV

“The instructors are wonderful. They are very enthusiastic and share a number of great resources.”
Kate Winsor, Online ESL Instructor
Academy of Art University, CA

“…Now I have a better understanding of how to provide the students with useful information in an exciting way!”
Toy Smoot, Program Director
Louisiana Technical College, LA

“The workshop was time and content precise. I am now in a position to integrate ideas from this workshop into my online courses. ”
Arun Madapusi, Teaching Fellow
University of North Texas, TX

“Sloan-C is an authority on online courses.”
Melonie Ivey, Campus Computing Lead
Meredith College, NC

“I like the ability to openly ask questions and network with
peers from nationwide academic and non-academic institutions.”

Andaz Ahmad, Director of
Distance Learning,
Washington State
Community College, OH

“The products and recommendations of the Sloan-C workshops are routinely adopted and integrated into my online classes, which attests to their excellent pedagogical and technological value.”
William Joe Welch, Instructor
Hartnell College, CA

“The Online Teaching Certification program was an extremely helpful series of online courses that provided me with tools and best practices to take online teaching to a higher level. I have made great connections with professional contacts and industry experts that I continue to correspond with, despite having completed the program. The individual workshops
culminate into a unique program that provides a refreshing academic body of knowledge about online instruction that has amazing practical benefits and applicability, regardless of the size and focus of your institution.”

Shelly Nice Zimmerman, Senior Instructional Designer
Centenary College, NJ

“I liked the interactive nature of it and particularly liked reading the results of other participants' use of the QM Rubric. Their comments and questions were useful and assisted me in making improvements and adjustments in my own course.”
June Carter, Professor
University of South Carolina, Upstate

“Great to hear what others are doing. Sometimes I think we live in a vacuum of our own campus/university walls. I like the fact that everyone shared ideas and materials easily and did not have to ask them to do so.”
Kathleen Grimes, Technology Support Analyst
Arizona State University, AZ

“The sharing of ideas! It was great to get input from so many at so many different levels of online course development and teaching!”
Kathleen Kinney, Instructor
Central Ohio Technical College, OH

“Good information from a knowledgeable source. I liked the specific examples that were addressed. Many of them were examples of things that have happened here.”
Joni Tornwall, Online Learning Coordinator
Hocking College, OH