The OLC Accelerate Conference will again be held in Orlando, FL from November 17-20, 2020.  Preparations for this year’s conference are already underway and this year promises to bring a new and exciting focus as we look forward with “20/20 Vision: Envisioning the Future of Online, Blended and Digital Learning” in Orlando.  We’ll be sharing new and upcoming technologies, trends and pedagogical approaches that our colleagues worldwide are successfully implementing or envisioning within their digital learning spaces.

We are excited to continue to expand the depth and breadth to our conference agenda with exciting programming, networking, and a variety of informal opportunities for OLC Accelerate attendees to engage and connect with one another, and with OLC staff and volunteers.  Some examples of exciting opportunities at the conference include: 

    *New – Instructional Design Summit: As the field of instructional/learning design continues to grow within the field of digital learning, the OLC is creating a space specifically for this dynamic profession within the Accelerate conference. 

    World-class professional development: With over 500 presentations given by speakers from around the world, you are guaranteed to have an exceptional learning experience that will equip you for educational challenges on the horizon. 

    Share and advance your work: Accelerate features over six different session types that align with the professional roles found in digital learning including; Gamified Sessions, interactive Discovery Sessions, Express Workshops, Education Sessions, and Graduate Student Discovery Sessions. This breakdown ensures equal distribution for every professional in the field of digital learning to share their work and to advance the frontiers of education. 

    Access to the most advanced technologies: Our exhibit hall offers the opportunity to engage with technology partners and company entrepreneurs who are showcasing the most recent or upcoming technologies available. Connect with them to learn more about advancing the initiatives at your institution. 

    Networking to advance your career: Unmatched in-person as well as virtual networking with the OLC Accelerate community of online, digital, and blended learning peers and leaders. Informal opportunities such as networking breaks, the exhibit floor, Talk-abouts, the Field Guide program and the Discovery Sessions are ideal for exploring solutions to common challenges you and your fellow attendees face at their institutions. 

    Leadership Opportunities: Leadership gatherings including the OLC Leadership Network Event, the OLC Digital Learning Research Summit, an IELOL Mastery Class, the Equity & Inclusion Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon, and many others.

    OLC Accelerate 2020 provides all attendees, both on-site and virtual, with an exceptionally collaborative, reflective opportunity to explore and share our best practices and innovations. We hope you will attend, participate and share your 20/20 vision with us!

    Explore the site to learn more and Register today!

    Megan Kohler  

    Conference Co-chair

    Megan Kohler, Penn State University

    Doug Geier  

    Conference Co-chair

    Doug Geier, Golden Gate University

     Dr Jennifer Mathes  

    Executive Conference Co-chair

    Jennifer Mathes, Online Learning Consortium



    Executive Conference Co-chair

    Tanya Joosten, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee