Teaching Excellence + Technology Innovations: Empowering Students to Engage and Learn

Monday, November 9, 11:15am – 12:15pm US EST  |  Virtual

Online education affords more people more opportunities to earn a college degree. The steady growth of online enrollments shows the value and importance of making online learning experiences as effective and impactful as we can. When we combine excellent instruction in digital environments with the affordances of emerging technologies, we create a synergistic opportunity to support all of our learners in their educational journeys. Let’s focus in on the potential we have to combine great teaching with great technology to help our students engage more fully and learn more effectively.


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Weaving the Threads of Teaching Excellence: A Connected Plenary with Flower Darby

Wednesday, November 18 – 12:00pm – 12:45pm US EST 

Part fireside chat, part active design sprint, this highly-engaging plenary will weave together the threads of the salient themes and discussions covered across the various tracks, sessions and engagement opportunities.

Join Flower Darby and your fellow conference attendees as we unpack the meaningful change work in front of us that was sparked by the many insights shared throughout OLC Accelerate 2020. Using the contributions of participants throughout the conference, we will surface the big ideas shared at several sessions and turn them into both a closing discussion and a call to action for our future endeavors. Want to participate? In each session that you attend, complete this form to share your reflections that will then be included in this final session.



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Flower Darby celebrates and promotes effective teaching in all class formats to include, welcome, and support all students as they learn and succeed. As faculty and an instructional designer, she’s taught community college and university classes for over 24 years in a range of subjects including English, Technology, Leadership, Dance, and Pilates. A seasoned face-to-face and online educator, Darby loves to apply learning science across the disciplines, and to help others do the same.