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What is the Technology Test Kitchen?

The Technology Test Kitchen, simply put, is designed to provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will support your online/digital teaching and learning efforts. The space was originally designed as an exploratory installation which leveraged the metaphor of a teaching kitchen. In this “Test Kitchen,” participants interacted with “chefs,” who had prepared teaching and learning related demonstrations and activities, guided and reinforced by “recipes” that they could take with them beyond the conference. While the chefs were the resident “experts,” the idea was to foster a low-stakes and approachable learning space whereby through direct engagement with the application of the “recipes,” participants walked away with the skills and confidence to see themselves as “chefs” and “experts.” Importantly, to make this experience meaningful to participants, recipes were always structured as contextualized and relating to practical application which could be translated to their personal teaching and learning contexts. 

Based on who is running the Technology Test Kitchen, the space and therefore the experience has looked different from year to year, and has featured everything from Chef Battles and educational robot demonstrations, to open, free-flowing sandboxes where participants can bring their own devices for collaborative play. In the spirit of this ever-changing look of the Technology Test Kitchen, the 2020 version will make another dramatic transformation by transitioning to a virtual, asynchronous format.  

In conjunction with OLC Accelerate making the move to a fully virtual conference, the Technology Test Kitchen is excited to forge new frontiers in the delivery of ‘hands-on’ learning experiences.  The Virtual TTK will invite participants to explore a variety of educational tools designed to showcase new ways to engage with technologies, delve into multiple pedagogical approaches, and collaborate with colleagues across diverse platforms.  While the activities are designed to be completed asynchronously, there will be opportunities for participants to interact with TTK ‘chefs’ throughout the experience.  We want to encourage all participants to visit the TTK, meet the team, and learn new ways to integrate technology into your current role.  

Check back here for more details as we get closer to the conference!


Engaging with the TTK

Asynchronous Engagement

If you have visited the TTK in the past, you are used to hands on activities and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.  While things might look a little different this year, the idea behind the Test Kitchen is still the same.  It is a space for you to pop in and out, test new technologies, and learn how to best integrate them into your current role.  Our wonderful TTK team has developed a series of activities for you to try as you engage with new technologies and connect with your peers.  Check out the brief descriptions below to get a small taste of what you can expect to see when you venture into the TTK.

Code-Free eLearning Design in Bits and Bytes!

PowerPoint presentations are the staple of instruction at every level. What if you were able to implement and showcase a new technique with every PowerPoint display you created? Well, doing that, IZEASY! Explore the code-free design principles in IZEASY and create SCORMS to welcome students with whimsey or wonder. Wow audiences, and keep participants interested by using simple steps. Rummage through the files on your drives and let’s revamp and recreate together.

Gamify Your Course!

Participate in small modules that will demonstrate and guide you in adding easy and fast gamified elements into your courses.  These ideas will include a variety of choices including use in an LMS or without.

Social Learning

Join us for an experiment in social learning as we explore Yellowdig as a tool to connect, collaborate and learn from one another.

Create a Virtual Tour

One of the benefits of online learning is being able to go anywhere in the world without leaving your computer screen.  Learn how to enhance that experience for students using Google Tour Creator to create a virtual 360 experience.


Synchronous Engagement

And if you are looking for opportunities to connect with the TTK live, we invite you to join us for some fun and games, and learning, of course.  Check out the schedule below to connect with us!

Wednesday, November 11 @ 1:45 pm EST – Virtual Speed Networking Lounge – Technology Test Kitchen Preview

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating the Test Test Kitchen?  What kind of work fills the buckets of two nerds that enjoy breaking, poking, and using technology in learning? And what does a kitchen have to do with ANY of this? Join us for an insightful, we hope, look into the inner workings of the 2020 Accelerate Tech Test Kitchen and the chefs that create the delectable learning experiences in it!

Wednesday, November 11 @ 5:45 pm EST – Virtual Happy Hour: Chef-nanigans with the TTK: Games, Tech, and Laughs

Come join the TTK Chefs for an hour of games, technology, and chef-nanigans. Bring your liquid of choice and a whole lot of patience for things to go sideways.  (Is my mic still on?)  We’ll play a few games, chat about a few of our favorite technology “fantastic freebies” and have more laughs than should be allowed in any one Zoom call.


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Meet the Team

Adam Davi


Adam Davi, Co-Chair

Adam Davi is a Senior Instructional Designer at the University of Arizona who works with faculty to design engaging online courses.  Adam has a Master of Science in Educational Technology as well as a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  He has experience working directly with students as a teacher and learning specialist before transitioning to his role as an Instructional Designer.  He is passionate about developing innovative courses that foster student success and promote ownership over one’s learning.  He loves working in a field that encourages collaboration and creativity.

When not working, he spends time volunteering for Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks, a children’s oncology camp, and enjoys playing games, watching baseball, and talking Star Wars with anyone who is willing to listen.

Krys Ziska Strange


Krys Ziska Strange, Co-Chair

Krys serves as an Assistant Director, Innovation & Technology, helping to expand the reach and impact of the Instructional Technology team, Innovation Team, and the Adobe Creative Cloud team at the University of Arizona. She also teaches courses focused on gaming culture and a game-based course focused on social issues that her students swear can’t be won.  For fun, she volunteers as a researcher for RPG Research, runs Dungeons & Dragons tables for at-risk populations, terrorizes a small town as a goose, and runs a moderately successful farm in Stardew Valley. She earned her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction and focused her research on faculty development and faculty identity.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Methodist College.  

Cody House


Cody House

Cody House serves as the Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology in the College of Professional Studies (CPS) at The George Washington University (GW). He is currently working on his Ed.D. in the Curriculum and Instruction program through the Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) at GW. When he is not doing schoolwork or supporting CPS he enjoys spending time with his family (8-month-old daughter — Ruthie), playing golf, running, and collecting bourbon. 

Florence Williams


Florence Williams

Hi, I’m Florence Williams. Since you are reading the bios on this page, you are interested in new technology skills or additional competence in a cool tool. In case you hadn’t noticed, I love color! I’m excited about how things work and hope that we will get a chance to explore tools and tech together. I have a confession, I still don’t understand all tools or tech, but here I am. As you engage in this process, you should adjust your expectations accordingly.

I am a big sister to an awesome teenager through Big Brother Big Sister of Tampa Bay. I recently had to trust my life to technology as we rappelled 17 stories down the side of the Hilton downtown Tampa as part of a fundraising event.  

Exploring technology is refreshing and fun, and new discoveries could change your life forever. Let’s question and learn together!

Chris Hauser


Chris Hauser

Chris Hauser is an Instructional Designer in Digital Learning at the University of Arizona. He earned his Master’s degree in Education Technology from Northern Arizona University and his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Prior to his current position, he worked as an Instructional Designer for Pima Community College. Chris also has a background in training development, design, and facilitation.

In his spare time, Chris likes to spend time with his wife and two kids. He also likes to run, play board games, and work on painting and/or drawing projects.

Jason Reed


Jason Reed

Jason is a Program Manager and Assistant Professor of information technology at the State College of Florida.  He enjoys researching, testing, and deploying new technologies in the classroom to further engage students and help facilitate learning.  He is passionate about finding and testing new technology to enrich people’s lives and sharing it with his students, co-workers or anyone who will listen.

Melissa Morris


Melissa Morris

Dr. Melissa Morris is an assistant professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She was inspired by robots as a child, which propelled her to become an engineer specialized in mechatronics.  She has a passion for integrating areas of knowledge and uses that toward advancing STEAM education.  She envisions a future where everyone has access to a quality education that fits their resources and goals, with online education playing a major role.