What is the Technology Test Kitchen?

The Technology Test Kitchen, simply put, is designed to provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will support your online/digital teaching and learning efforts. The space was originally designed as an exploratory installation which leveraged the metaphor of a teaching kitchen. In this “Test Kitchen,” participants interacted with “chefs,” who had prepared teaching and learning related demonstrations and activities, guided and reinforced by “recipes” that they could take with them beyond the conference. While the chefs were the resident “experts,” the idea was to foster a low-stakes and approachable learning space whereby through direct engagement with the application of the “recipes,” participants walked away with the skills and confidence to see themselves as “chefs” and “experts.” Importantly, to make this experience meaningful to participants, recipes were always structured as contextualized and relating to practical application which could be translated to their personal teaching and learning contexts. 

Based on who is running the Technology Test Kitchen, the space and therefore the experience has looked different from year to year, and has featured everything from Chef Battles and educational robot demonstrations, to open, free-flowing sandboxes where participants can bring their own devices for collaborative play. In the spirit of this ever-changing look of the Technology Test Kitchen, the 2020 version will make another dramatic transformation by transitioning to a virtual, asynchronous format.  

In conjunction with OLC Accelerate making the move to a fully virtual conference, the Technology Test Kitchen is excited to forge new frontiers in the delivery of ‘hands-on’ learning experiences.  The Virtual TTK will invite participants to explore a variety of educational tools designed to showcase new ways to engage with technologies, delve into multiple pedagogical approaches, and collaborate with colleagues across diverse platforms.  While the activities are designed to be completed asynchronously, there will be opportunities for participants to interact with TTK ‘chefs’ throughout the experience.  We want to encourage all participants to visit the TTK, meet the team, and learn new ways to integrate technology into your current role.  

Check back here for more details as we get closer to the conference!