[In voice of an Artificial Intelligence agent]

Star date one-one-dash-one-nine-dash-two-two-six-nine

Welcome back from your deep sleep Accelerate25 space crew. You’ve just woken up from cryo sleep. I know it is common to be confused after a deep sleep. So I’ve prepared a recording to remind you of your mission. Hold while I pull up the transmission.


[Voice of Captain Hinkley, of Mission Command]

Good to see you crew! I hope the Accelerate25 is holding up well for you…we gave you the best ship in the fleet, but we know space travel is not always predictable. You’re on the way to the Omicron Laipra Crenutun system (or OLC for short) to build the future of our society. In case you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into, remember you all signed up to be part of the first team to settle in this new system.

You’re already 250 years into your journey. I’m sad to report, but by the time you get this, humanity will have failed the Earth and it is no longer able to sustain life into the future. Your mission is to find a planet in the OLC system to settle as soon as possible because everyone else is already on their way. You and a life on Planet X are our only hope for survival.

According to our calculations, you are 30 minutes away from the planet. Normally this would be plenty of time to work through the essential landing procedures, which are tricky in and of themselves. However, to add to the existing challenge of space travel, we’ve just gotten notification that another competing group is paralleling your trajectory and has the aim to not only be the first to settle the planet, but claim all the resources for themselves in the process. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is meet up with the Fife Schuster, a space supply station that was sent ahead of you. It is crucial that you successfully dock with the Fife Schuster because the station carries all of the supplies you’ll need to get things started. 

Following this transmission, there will be no immediate instructions. Look around. Explore. Communicate with each other. If you would like to take notes along the way, you will find a technology that allows you to do so on the ship. 

While on board, you will be presented with several realistic challenges that will serve as hurdles or barriers along the way. As a team, you will need to work together to solve them. 

If you find that you need help throughout the challenge, you will be able to contact us via radio, but will otherwise need to work together to complete the mission on time. If you do contact us, remember that you are 250,025 lightyears away from us, so you’ll need to describe what you are seeing, doing, and having trouble with so that we can assist you. It is likely that we can only provide you with hints though, and not complete solutions.

There is an emergency hatch in case anyone on the crew determines that they need to evacuate the ship. If this situation arises, please have someone on your team notify Mission Command via the radio so that we can intercept their escape pod and provide assistance as needed.

In order to preserve the secrecy of the mission, we request that you refrain from sharing any photos or stories until after all space crews have attempted the mission. If you do take photos or video, we also require that you ask the permission of your fellow crew members before doing so. The ship has been designed in a really intentional way. As such, please leave all supplies and materials on board for future missions and space crews’ use. 

As a reminder, the clock is ticking; you have 30 minutes to complete this mission before you land. Good luck and welcome to the 2019 OLC Accelerate Escape Room Mission!