Star Date: 11-19-2019

OLC Space Travelers:

We write to you from the OLC TTK Space Base. Our mission is to work together in order to bring fundamental and sustainable change to the way we learn and educate across digital and online learning environments. We know we cannot do this alone, and thus, we seek fellow space travellers to join us on this endeavor. You are all qualified to embark on this mission if you choose to accept it. Along the way, you will be tested through fun challenges and will have the opportunity to learn and grow with others. Your engagement in this journey will not go without benefits. You will be rewarded as you earn specialized OLC TTK titles, emphasizing your expanding areas of expertise (including “Star Cadet,” “Planetary Pilot,” “Space Ace,” and “Cosmic Commander”), all on your quest to become a “Galactic Pathfinder” (and increase your chances of winning the grand “OLC Engagement Prize,” of course). Our ultimate hope is that you bring back and share the knowledge you gain along the way to your own learning communities.

We know we will only accomplish our mission if we all work with the common goal of learning and growing as educators. We recognize that knowing where to start on this journey is often one of the first challenges to embarking on it. It is not always easy to locate impactful opportunities and is additionally complicated by dynamic and ever-shifting educational landscapes.

Changing the future begins by joining us at the OLC TTK Space Base and embarking on this active, but personal journey. Together we will accelerate digital and online learning and reimagine the future.

We await your arrival,

OLC TTK Mission Command: Maddie and Adam