Dear [insert name)],

[Explain how attending will improve your job performance: list specific workshops, sessions, or keynotes that enable you to be a more valuable employee.]

I would like to attend OLC Accelerate & Velocity, the Online Learning Consortium’s annual conference for online, blended, and digital learning.  OLC Accelerate will be the virtual program from November 9-18; OLC Velocity will be the onsite program from November 18-20, 2020. 

With the changes necessitated by COVID-19, OLC has revised the conference to include both virtual and onsite attendee options.

The virtual event (OLC Accelerate) requires no travel, lodging, or per diem expenses. We can save even more by getting a full virtual pass for a group at our institution. This provides access to virtual-to-virtual sessions and asynchronous Discovery Sessions (estimated to be 200+ sessions). Also, we get access to live and on-demand recordings for one (1) year post-conference.

The onsite event (OLC Velocity) brings together individual participants and teams for active learning sessions that move presentational-style knowledge sharing into collaborative change work for immediate application within institutional contexts around the future of online and digital education. 

I have the option to register for an All Access Pass that would cover both onsite and virtual, or just a Full Virtual Pass. 

For both the virtual and onsite programs, I can choose from sessions spanning a wide variety of topics and special interest areas, including EdTech, research, proctoring, accessibility, gamification, K-12, open educational resources, and many more. Specifically, I can attend the keynotes to learn new strategies for teaching today’s students, who present unique challenges for teaching. I can attend the [your selection] workshop to improve my online teaching and course development skills.

[Explain how attending will benefit your institution and provide a competitive edge: list workshops and events that will provide information on current challenges faced by your institution.]

In the virtual and onsite exhibit halls, I’ll have the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and innovators to discover and evaluate new and exciting educational solutions that may help our organization to significantly improve our processes and services. 

[List and describe networking opportunities that will empower your institution to learn and grow through peer support and shared solutions.]

In addition to the exhibit halls, both the virtual and onsite programs offer a speed networking lounge, various receptions, and the Field Guide program, all platforms to explore possible solutions to issues and challenges we face on our campus by discussing them with colleagues who have successfully addressed these same challenges.

[Describe your plan for collecting and sharing the valuable information and resources you acquire while attending the conference.]

Attending OLC Accelerate & Velocity is an investment in professional development that will enable me and my colleagues to learn, explore, and discuss new theories, research, tools, and technologies that can benefit us as individuals and as an institution. I plan to collect up-to-the-minute information, innovative resources, and new connections that will improve the quality and success of our faculty and our institution.  When the conference closes, I look forward to sharing the knowledge I gained with colleagues via a presentation with handouts and supporting materials.

You can learn more about OLC Accelerate & Velocity at

Thank you for reviewing my request.  I hope you will share my enthusiasm for the opportunities this conference offers.


[Insert your name]