During the conference, join us for some quiet time to decompress, reconnect mind and body, and practice some self-care as we turn our focus inward for a short while. Mindfulness has been defined as a practice of “bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment” (Baer, 2003). Join Clark Shah-Nelson for some guided mindful meditations. These sessions will be geared toward centering ourselves on higher levels of consciousness so that we can experience OLC Accelerate Virtual Conference in a healthy and present way together.

Please join us in the Zoom Sanctuary for live guided meditation sessions with Clark: 

Clark has also provided a few short meditations for conference attendees to use any time. 

Shoulder Stretch




Meditation – Metta


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Additionally, feel free to take advantage of these other self-guided wellness resources. The below list is by no means exhaustive nor are any endorsed by OLC, but represents just a collection of resources that you may find helpful.



Wellness Video Playlists

Music Playlists (Spotify)

Meditation Apps

Additional Resources

More Meditation Videos

  • Gentle water flow, birds


  • Ocean flow


  • Rainforest, birds, no music