Blended learning provides benefits to learners, educators, administrators, and institutions. These include:

  • Improved student outcomes: Creating a more engaged and personalized learning experience positively impacts student learning outcomes.
  • Flexibility: Increasing flexibility can provide better learning experiences.
  • Future preparation for the world of work: Participating in the digital world will provide students with the skills and knowledge for future success.
  • Professional development for teaching: Improving your teaching methods will better serve your students.
  • Data-driven instruction: Using data to track student progress supports adjusting instruction in real-time.
  • Cost-effective: Delivering resources and materials is more cost-effective.

If you are considering blended learning for your institution, program, or course, we invite you to attend the 2nd Annual OLC Blended Learning Symposium! Join us as we bring together instructors, designers, and leaders in the field to discuss the latest research and trends in blended learning. This year’s international symposium offers a truly blended and engaging experience, with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities, a hands-on workshop, and opportunities for both onsite and virtual participation. 

In addition to the keynote presentations, we will also be offering an interactive workshop where attendees can learn new skills and techniques related to blended learning. This workshop will provide a hands-on learning experience and give attendees the opportunity to apply what they learn in real-world contexts.

Networking opportunities will be a key part of this year’s symposium. We will provide opportunities for attendees establish professional connections with each other, with a focus on inclusivity and diversity in blended learning. 

As an symposium participant, you will find:

  • New perspectives on blended learning
  • Recommendations for how to apply the concepts and techniques learned during the symposium
  • Connections with other educators and experts fosters valuable collaborations and partnerships
  • Opportunity for co-authorship on a published report on blended learning research

Don’t miss out on this unique and prestigious event, where you can connect with peers from around the world and gain valuable insights into blended learning. We look forward to seeing you at the symposium!

– Tawnya Means, Symposium Chair

Tawnya Means  


Tawnya Means, Symposium Chair
Gies College of Business
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Katie Fife Schuster  


Katie Fife Schuster, Director of Global Events
Online Learning Consortium

Angela Gunder  


Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer
Online Learning Consortium