Navigating Online Growth Amidst Increasing Scrutiny

Thursday, April 11, 2024 4:45pm-5:45pm U.S. Mountain Time Zone


Note: Our session will begin with a Welcome followed by a Student Lightning Talk.  This will be immediately followed by the Keynote address.

Online education can be an institution’s best bet but also their toughest market.  Constantly, we are working to combat common misconceptions about the online space.  This session will provide the data and context necessary to burst some of the common myths around online education on campus. We will focus on the true cost to scale, the opportunities and restrictions of enrollment geographically, the efficacy of online learning, and the ways that online programs can be complimentary, not cannibalistic, to traditional face-to-face programs.

This session will also explore the five key questions for organizing growth and expanding online –

     1. Where is the market most competitive?

     2. How do we determine which programs to prioritize launching?

     3. Should we build in-house or outsource to an OPM?

     4. What is the right organizational model necessary for growth?

     5. What is the differentiated value proposition we should consider to make our program stand out?

In addition to myth busting, and right setting expectations using the key questions for organizing growth, this session will focus on the behavioral shifts of adult learners and how to meet the moment in recruiting and enrolling these students.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 11:30am-12:30pm U.S. Mountain Time Zone
Live-streamed to virtual

Navigating the Changed Educational Landscape: Data-Informed Strategies for the Learners of Future

Join us for an enlightening fireside chat with our OLC Innovate 2024 keynote speaker, Dr. Vashae Dixon, where we dive deeper into the evolving landscape of higher education enrollments and the pivotal role of data in sculpting the curriculum of tomorrow. This session will not only extend the conversation from her onsite keynote but will also offer a platform for a more personalized and interactive dialogue. Discover how current research data sheds light on future trends and how these insights can lead us to develop a curriculum that resonates with the needs and aspirations of future learners. Expect a blend of visionary ideas, practical strategies, and the opportunity to explore unanswered questions from the onsite session.

Vashae Dixon, PhD

Senior Director, Strategic Research

As a Senior Director on the research advisory services team, Vashae has the opportunity to put her passion for higher education and her commitment to student success to work by helping lead EAB’s strategic research and institutional strategy work. While at EAB, Vashae has served as a strategic leader working with our large public partner institutions to map their priorities back to our resources and strengthen the relationship between our best practice research and partner implementation. She also lead our enrollment research, developing the Enrollment Analytics Portfolio, enabling executive teams to consider their own institution’s enrollment strategy amidst the larger complex and dynamic marketplace.

Prior to EAB, Vashae spent many years as a devoted student affair professional, focusing on leadership development of students, professional development of full-time and para-professional staff, and organizational effectiveness.

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Vashae received her Bachelor of Arts in Corporate and Organizational Communication from Western Kentucky University before completing her Master’s at the University of Mississippi and finishing her academic career receiving her PhD in Human Capital Development at the University of Southern Mississippi.