OLI: An Open Learning Platform That Can Work For You

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Brief Abstract

An overview, discussion and demonstration of the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) learning platform for an Introductory Psychology course. As well results of use of the OLI product over the course of 3 years both in face to face and online settings.

Extended Abstract

A general overview of the Open Education learning platform by Carnegie Mellon University known as Open Learning Initiative (OLI) using specifically the Introductory Psychology course. The presentation will include a synopsis, demonstration, and discussion of application not only to the Introductory Psychology model, but information as to several different OLI courses available among many academic disciplines such as Computer Science, Data Science, Language, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Science, and Technology and Design. A discussion and demonstration of the Unit and Module setup within the course shell, and a discussion about the assessments that may be assigned to students to aid with retention of material among students, and the lack of saturation of material considering many Introductory students do not major specifically in Psychology.  Also, there will be discussion of the free availability for students of the OLI learning platform thanks to grant programs. This presentation will also address the ease of which instructors and students can access the information, as well as the LTI integration that incorporates within Blackboard, among other LMS's for one-click access. The presentation will include each participant interested, to be able to access the OLI course materials very simply and free of cost, to determine if this may be a teaching option or use for them.  Student concerns and issues/problems with the learning platform will be discussed, as well as success rates on exam assessments since the presenter has used the product within a classroom setting.  Lastly, the presenter will address his own experiences having taught for ten years, and using six different Learning Management Systems and five different Learning Platforms (one OER-OLI), and the comparison from OLI to the other materials.