Breakout of the Breakout Room! 3 Tips and 1 Tool to Make Synchronous Meetings More Effective

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Brief Abstract

We finally figured out how to do online learning well--by meeting synchronously!

This session will show how to make those sessions more effective by: preparing students before to create knowledge during the sessions, structuring sessions to generate new knowledge, and connecting that knowledge with learning activities after the session.

Extended Abstract

It seems we finally figured out how to do online learning really well--by meeting synchronously!

By now we all likely have our favorite tricks to make synchronous sessions more engaging: we're crushing the chat, sending students on virtual scavenger hunts . . . showing our cats . . . we're playing bingo, screen-sharing our favorite things, and of course we're all stars with breakout rooms!

These strategies can be really effective at making the synchronous sessions more engaging. Now, the challenge is making the session more effective vehicles for learning.

After all, what happens with all the ideas we create and share during those sessions? How do we capture, make sense of, and distribute the knowledge contributions of individuals within breakrooms? And how do we connect the work our students are during the sessions with the work they are doing before and after?

This presentation will help participants:

  1. Prepare students before the synchronous session to create knowledge during the synchronous sessions
  2. Structure synchronous sessions to help students effectively generate new knowledge
  3. Create a plan for connecting the knowledge created during synchronous sessions with learning activities after the session