Assessment and Curriculum Data with Tableau

Concurrent Session 6 & 7 (combined)
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Brief Abstract

Tableau can help visualize and understand educational data. This workshop will share dashboards that showcase the student experience and program/course quality using Tableau. In this workshop you will create dynamic dashboards you can replicate with data from your courses and institution, such as surveys, grades, and curriculum maps.

Note: Participants should have Tableau Desktop or download the trial version prior to the workshop. 

Extended Abstract

At Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies, data on marketing and enrollment is collected, analyzed, and shared wildly for planning and decision making. But we wanted to know more about our current students – such as the learner experience and student performance. We wanted to know:

  • Are our students successful (e.g. are students meeting the learning outcomes?)
  • What are some student and faculty behaviors that lead to student success?
  • What are students’ perceptions of their own learning? Of their faculty? Of their level of support?
  • How are our students performing on signature assignments and rubrics?
  • How can we leverage our curriculum mapping to identify gaps?

We were able to address some of these questions by using Tableau to visualize data related to program and course quality. This includes survey data, data from the learning management system, student performance, and our curriculum maps. In this workshop, we will showcase several dashboards related to program and course quality. We will create survey dashboards to showcase the learner experience. We will build a dashboard visualizing student performance and assessment next. Finally, we will create a tool to present curriculum data and skills that can be used to align program competencies with professional frameworks. Ultimately, we want to share how institutions can harness the power for Tableau for continuous improvement.

Level of Engagement

Sample datasets will be made available to participants to connect, follow along, and create their own dashboards. We will walk through the steps to create each dashboard. In addition to the walk-throughs, we will also discuss as a group challenges, such as data connectivity and integration. Finally, we will discuss methods in obtaining buy-in and support in terms of people and process, such as defining success, obtaining feedback, implementation through iteration, and onboarding.

Session Goals:

Individuals attending this session will:

  • Visualize survey data
  • Create a dashboard to showcase student performance
  • Summarize and visualize text data from a list of skills within a curriculum
  • Discuss challenges in building dashboards in terms of people, process, and tools