Level the Playing Field in Online Education; How to Promote Student Success and Accommodate Accessibility while Preserving Academic Integrity

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Brief Abstract

In this presentation, learn about ways to make the online learning process more user-friendly; Including accommodating diverse student proctoring needs while preserving academic integrity & measuring online learner readiness to identify at-risk students and proactively support them.


Julie has worked in higher education for over 23 years with a BS degree from Faulkner University. After staying home with her young children, she began her career at a local university focusing on student support & success before moving on to SmarterServices. As the first sales & account manager there, she has worked with hundreds of institutions learning about student success, higher ed challenges, QEP, and accrediting standards that impact school initiatives. Her expertise lies in technology, internal operations, marketing, & identifying specific needs within organizations.

Extended Abstract

COVID-19 has exposed many challenges in online learning for students and faculty. A consistent theme that has surfaced is scalability & accessibility. These factors have surfaced in many areas including online learner readiness, preserving academic integrity, and accommodations to meet student needs. Students are dealing with testing anxiety, logistics issues, and struggling to balance all the new expectations and requirements. Schools are learning creative ways to provide students with reliable devices and internet. In addition, they are learning how to proactively support unique student needs while effectively delivering engaging content & assessing knowledge in a fair and balanced manner. Do any of these challenges sound familiar? If so, don’t miss this session!

Session Objectives:

  • Identify 3 main challenges schools & students are facing in online classes
    1. Ill-prepared online learners
    2. Validating identity of online students while doing coursework
    3. Preserving academic integrity with online exams
  • Educate participants about how to measure online learner readiness; what to look for, how to identify at-risk students, and why it’s important.
  • Learn how and why multi-authentication methods for student identification is the most secure way to deter cheating & academic integrity
  • Discover how one platform for proctoring saves schools time & money while meeting student needs and faculty choices