The ACUE Experience: Engaging Faculty For Student Success

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Brief Abstract

Research confirms: students are more engaged, learn more and have more equitable outcomes when faculty teach with evidence-based teaching practices. In this asynchronous session, ACUE provides an inside view into its “Effective Online Teaching Practices” course. You’ll come away with several practical online teaching approaches that can immediately be put to use in your own online course design and delivery.

Extended Abstract

The pressure to foster progress through innovative pedagogy is almost as great as the pressure to recruit, retain, and graduate many more well-prepared students. Keeping up with the many strategies, interventions, trends (and sometimes fads)—to meet expectations for quick and transformative change—can be fatiguing; and if implemented only superficially, counter-productive. Perhaps the best innovation is to focus on the core of what we do—quality, inspiring, and meaningful teaching and learning—and make it better. In doing so, we realize real progress in student success measures such as engagement, retention and learning. In this session, attendees will preview ACUE’s modules and learn how they can leverage ACUE’s course for professional development.