Ensuring Continuity in Art and Design Education with ZCentral

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Brief Abstract

3D modeling and rendering for Game Art images and videos and virtual reality 3D world design are very compute intensive. In normal times, Ringling College students spend hours in on-campus studios using powerful workstations to bring their creative visions to life. During this pandemic, students learning from home in diverse geographic locations continue their art and design coursework, collaborating on powerful workstations remotely using HP’s ZCentral Remote Boost. Join Mahmoud Pegah, CIO at Ringling College of Art and Design as he shares Ringling’s journey to ensuring education continuity in the era of COVID-19.


Mahmoud Pegah serves as the senior-most technology officer of Ringling College of Art and Design responsible for providing strategic leadership, vision, and management to Institutional Technology division. In addition to providing IT services throughout campus, IT is responsible for Post Production Studios, Sarasota Art Museum, and Lifelong Learning programs. During the COVID-10 outbreak, Mahmoud and his team implemented a unique infrastructure to enable Ringling College community to work and collaborate regardless of their physical location and their computing platform. Ringling College solution is suited for applications such as 3D animation, remote video editing, synchronized video and audio playback with a response time of under 20 ms, and high frame rate of at least 25 fps. Color accuracy is maintained as well as possible and the network bandwidth requirement has been kept to 10 to 15 Mb/s.
Kristin has a Bachelors in Agriculture from the University of Georgia and an MBA with a concentration in Finance and MIS from the University of South Florida. Located in St. Petersburg, FL, She has ten years of experience in IT with HP and has worked with customers like Disney, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Georgia Tech. Currently at HP, she is the High Performance Personal Computing Specialist for Public Sector in the Southeast. She is passionate about education and how technology can pave the way for students to have bright, successful futures with careers that don’t even exist yet.

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