Online Learning Consortium Announces 2019 Class of OLC Fellows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The new class of OLC Fellows will be recognized for exceptional contributions to the field of digital and online learning during a ceremony at next month’s OLC Accelerate 2019 conference in Orlando. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (Oct. 16, 2019) – The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) today announced the 2019 class of... Read More>

Research: Learning Intent Should Determine Online Class Size

Campus Technology | October 7, 2019 -  There is no one-size-fits-all rule for figuring out how many students to enroll in an online course.  However, according to a recently published research project, large classes — those with 40 or more students — are best for "foundational and factual knowledge acquisition," and smaller enrollments... Read More>

OLC Accelerate 2019 Marks 25 Years of Online Learning’s Foremost International Conference

The Online Learning Consortium announces keynote speakers and Best-in-Track sessions for OLC Accelerate, continuing the conference’s 25-year legacy of sharing effective practices and evaluating technologies for teaching and learning online. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (Oct. 8, 2019) — The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) will celebrate 25 years of gathering online learning leaders and... Read More>

Online Learning Consortium Announces Recipients of 2019 OLC Awards, Effective Practice Awards and Chaloux Scholarship

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Honorees will be recognized at the 2019 OLC Accelerate Conference, Nov. 19-22, in Orlando. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (Sept. 10, 2019) — The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) today announced the recipients of the 2019 OLC Awards, Effective Practice Awards and the 2019 Bruce N. Chaloux Scholarship for Early Career Excellence. All... Read More>

Can Calbright reinvent online community college?

Education Dive | September 3, 2019 - California's new free online college aims to help adult learners gain specific skills, but with a month until it opens how it will do so remains unclear. California's newest public college is beginning an experiment this fall that could change how higher education serves... Read More>

Uneven Standards Hamper Online Education the World Over

Campus Technology | August 14, 2019 - A new report has provided SWOT analyses of seven regions around the world related to digital and distance education. The bottom line: While online learning is on the rise everywhere, programs and courses show great unevenness because of a lack of standards. The project, led by... Read More>

Colleges Should Build Online Programs, Not New Gyms and Climbing Walls

Photobac/Shutterstock EdSurge | July 10, 2019 - As college leaders scroll through their perilous spreadsheets this summer, anxiously looking for the most productive way to spend their meager resources, this may be the time for them to rethink their usual approach—and aggressively invest in online education. After all, with national on-campus enrollments... Read More>

5 Quick Tips for Improving Your Instructional Design

Campus Technology | July 10, 2019 - Moving a course from brick-and-mortar to online requires rethinking how you deliver content, replicate in-class interactions and pinpoint areas for improvement. When you're converting a traditional face-to-face course to online, while a lot of the content may remain the same, the way it's delivered and... Read More>

Obtaining an Exemplary Online Program Endorsement: A Case Study

University of West Georgia - Because funding for many higher education institutions is based on student persistence and graduation rates, and because competition for online student enrollments is fierce among public and private institutions, quality and competitiveness in online course development, instruction, and administration is imperative. Additionally, because distance education processes and... Read More>

Are We There Yet? Impactful Technologies and The Power to Influence Change

Campus Technology | June 10, 2019 - Learning analytics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other new and emerging technologies seem poised to change the business of higher education — yet, we often hear comments like "We're just not there yet…" or "This is a technology that is just too slow to... Read More>