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Innovate conference attendees taking a selfie together

Networking for Advancing the Profession of Digital Learning in Higher Education


Amanda E. Major, EdD, CPTD, PMP, 

Project Manager, Instructional Designer (Faculty), 

Center for Distributed Learning Division of Digital Learning, 

University of Central Florida

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Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) alumna and faculty Amanda E. Major, EdD, CPTD, PMP, shares essentials for creating a network of peers and cross-functional professionals.

Young person studying at laptop wearing headphones

5 Pandemic Lessons on How to Reach More Students in More Places


Jennifer Mathes, Chief Executive Officer, Online Learning Consortium

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Suddenly, around the world, we were all experiencing the same learning environment, and there was an obvious learning curve. The course: How to keep teaching and learning without face-to-face experiences.

Illustration of a laptop with online discussions

A Paradigm for Consequential Discussion Boards


Daniel Lloyd, PhD

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A TikTok video and its response points to a reality that many instructors at many colleges and universities can relate to: though discussion boards are a significant part of many online classes, these assignments often function neither all that well nor seemingly as intended.

Photograph of woman holding a coffee cop, smiling and waving at her laptop screen

Connecting and Collaborating at Accelerate 2021 Virtual


Jennifer Mathes, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, Online Learning Consortium

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This past week, the OLC wrapped up our fourth virtual conference since the pandemic started. I once again walked away from this experience amazed by all of the great information being shared as well as all of the connections being made.

Two photographs showing students participating in the hyflex immersion experience of IELOL 2021

How Hyflex Saved my Leadership Journey – a Humbling Lived Experience


Jessica L. Knott, Ph.D., AVP of Community Strategy, Experience and Management, Online Learning Consortium.

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After unintentionally having the opportunity to experience both versions of the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning immersion week, I find myself thinking of Hyflex differently.

Photograph of man using virtual reality headset in a classroom environment.

Virtual Reality Revisited: Why We Need it Now More Than Ever Before


Philippos Savvides, Associate Director of Learning Technologies at EdPlus at Arizona State University and Peter van Leusen, Director for Learning Experience & Student Success for EdPlus, Design & Development, at Arizona State University

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As more and more of our potential learners engage with these tools in their personal and professional lives, we, in education, need to integrate these experiences in teaching and learning purposefully to stay current with required practices and skills in the marketplace.