At-Home STEM Lab Kits in Higher Education

Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and recommendations for future success

Created By: Carolina Distance Learning in partnership with Online Learning Consortium (OLC)  

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This brief presents original research that explored the value and future use of online tools for science teaching, like at-home lab kits. Data collection took place in May 2022 during which time five virtual focus groups on various STEM subjects (Biology, Physics and Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry) were conducted with a total of 45 participants. Participants were selected to include a range of institutional types (i.e., 4-year public and private universities, community colleges, and technical colleges) and institutional roles (i.e., science deans, chairs, program coordinators, and faculty). Findings were centered on the quality, access, and institutional support for science education with recommendations for institutions to: 1) Provide HyFlex options to increase access, 2) absorb costs like in-person labs, 3) consider the difference between emergency online vs. planned online, and 4) a call for more flexible state boards for accreditation.

What can I expect from this research brief?

With Carolina Distance Learning’s dedication to providing quality at-home lab programs for college-level distance education and the Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC’s) dedication to creating community and knowledge around quality online, blended, and digital learning while driving innovation, a mutually beneficial opportunity has arisen to explore the evolving needs of science educators in higher education as they create quality digital, blended, and online learning experiences for their students.

Who is the intended audience of this research brief? 

Higher education faculty, staff, leaders, students, instructional designers, and lab coordinators involved with STEM education.


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