Video and Audio Tools for Teaching and Learning

February 2010

Video and Audio Tools for Teaching and Learning – ABSTRACT

This Practitioner Document is one of a series of documents produced by The Online Learning Consortium based upon key insights from our workshops. Participants of these workshops discuss and share tips and techniques that work for them, plus experiences and issues based on the topic of each workshop. As a member of OLC, you can benefit from this shared knowledge and learn from your colleagues who are faced with the same challenges for moving into online learning — effectively prepared.


  • Explore 5 digital video and digital audio tools
  • Understand how both digital video and audio can enhance communication, teaching, and learning
  • Learn how to use video and audio effectively to improve engagement and learning outcomes


  • Embedding Video/Audio
  • Screencasting
  • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Learning
  • Avoiding Student Overload
  • Audio/Visual Tools for Online Learning
  • Copyright Laws
  • Troubleshooting with New Technology
  • Co-evolving with Technology


Bethany Bovard is an adjunct teacher and staff at New Mexico State University, where she teaches and develops distance education programs and courses. Her primary interests and work all relate to professional development of educators interested in learning how to integrate technology into their courses and how to teach online. Bethany’s background in computer technologies began in the late 1970’s when she took her first programming class, and she continues to be an avid user of all types of computer technology. While she is passionate about technology in general, her real interest is in helping teachers and faculty find and select the right technologies to support the learning objectives of their courses. Bethany’s work with OLC as a workshop creator and facilitator allows her to indulge those passions daily.

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