Unlocking the Future of Education: Helping Faculty to Embrace the Potential of Generative AI

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**This webinar is part of the OLC Innovate 2024 Best-in-Track webinar series!**

Upon the release of novel generative AI (GAI) systems in November 2022, the team at RUSH University responded by developing interactive skills labs for faculty. To date, they have hosted four skills labs, each focused on a different facet of generative AI capabilities and applications. These labs imparted foundational knowledge while emphasizing skill-building for implementation. Layering in hands-on activities dispelled fear-driven biases, cultivated technical proficiencies, and highlighted ethical integrations. 

In addition to skills labs, they also hosted Open Forums for faculty to express concerns, ask questions, and learn from each other’s expertise and experiences with AI systems, as well as several standalone labs focused on singular tools, how to choose a tool and how to incorporate those tools into the classroom effectively. The labs and forums equipped faculty to evaluate impacts, adapt practices, and realize strategic opportunities with each new advance in generative AI. They left the workshops with increased confidence, prepared to integrate rapidly evolving tools critically and creatively into their teaching.

Join this insightful and engaging webinar to learn more about how RUSH University developed interactive skills labs for their faculty through:

  • Live Demos and Simulations: A showcase of live demonstrations of Generative AI in action, including how it generates personalized learning materials and supports innovation. Attendees will witness the technology’s potential in real-time.
  • Expert Panel Discussion: A panel of early adopters of Generative AI will engage in a dynamic discussion. This will provide attendees with diverse perspectives and in-depth insights.
  • Interactive Q&A: Attendees can actively participate by submitting questions, which will be answered in real-time.
  • Case Studies: Real-world case studies from educational institutions that have successfully implemented GAI in their classroom will be presented. These case studies will provide valuable insights and inspire discussion on best practices.

Key Takeaways:

By participating in this webinar, attendees will gain:

  • In-Depth Understanding: Attendees will gain a profound understanding of Generative AI and its potential to revolutionize education.
  • Real-Life Applications: They will witness real-life applications of Generative AI in learning, including personalized content generation and advanced simulations.
  • Expert Insights: Access to expert opinions and insights from both education and AI professionals, providing a holistic view of the subject.
  • Collaborative Learning: Collaboration with peers in discussion; encouraging knowledge exchange and innovative thinking.
  • Future-Ready: Attendees will leave with the knowledge and inspiration to adapt and prepare medical education for the exciting future shaped by Generative AI.

Intended Audience: 

Administrators, Design Thinkers, Faculty, Instructional Support, Training Professionals, and Technologists

Speaker Bio
Emily Rush, PhD

Instructional Designer – RUSH University

Experienced university-level educator and instructional designer with a strong commitment to fostering transformative learning environments. Skilled in pedagogy and evidence-based practices, leveraging over ten years of expertise to deliver dynamic learning experiences in face-to-face, blended, and online courses. Passionate about the intersection of technology and education, particularly the potential of generative AI to revolutionize teaching and learning, opening new horizons for student engagement and enhancing learning outcomes.
Margaret (Peg) Checchi, M.Ed

Instructional Designer – RUSH University

I started my career in the culinary world and cooked at the highest levels of the profession for many years – presidents, celebrities and kings, oh, my! When the time came, I turned to culinary education out of a desire to give back and help the next level of culinarians reach similar heights. Eventually culinary education gave way to higher education and I have worked for many years in instructional design & technology. I have an M.Ed in Education, Learning & Technology and will eventually start my PhD. My professional passion includes utilizing instructional design and technology to improve teaching, learning, and performance. Outside of work, I am a proud wife to my husband of 25+ years, and a supportive mom to two young adults, a pup and two old lady cats.

Laura Smith, MA

Instructional Designer – RUSH University

Bio coming soon

Daniel Martin, B.S.C.S., M.B.A

Instructional Technologist – RUSH University

Bio coming soon