Inclusive Teaching: A Free Course for Instructors, Support Staff, and Administrators

In this webinar, Dr. Teshell Ponteen Greene from HHMI Biointeractive and Dr. Matthew Hall of Curio Group will showcase HHMI BioInteractive’s Inclusive Teaching Course, a freely available, asynchronous course for those in service of student success. Using Brian Dewsbury’s Deep Teaching Model (2019) and the work of Kayon Murray-Johnson and other scholars featured, the course aims to deepen the practitioner’s knowledge and implementation of inclusive pedagogy in every course and support the varying needs of learners.

Learners in North America come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Educators must be ready to meet the needs of their student body, regardless of their institution type (small, large, research-focused, teaching-focused, etc.). Incorporating inclusive teaching practices and techniques into their courses helps all learners.

Although it was originally designed as a professional development course for life science educators and administrators, the Inclusive Teaching Course can benefit instructors across all disciplines in higher education. Given HHMI BioInteractive’s commitment to creating Open Educational Resources, Inclusive Teaching is freely available through open access courses on Canvas Commons, through the HHMI BioInteractive site, and deployable in multiple LMS formats. 

In this presentation, Teshell and Matthew will also discuss the origins of the relationship between Curio Group and HHMI BioInteractive. They will discuss their co-design practice and utilization of  The Learning Journal to guide learners through their unique, personal, contextual journey toward pedagogical transformation. This course is designed to be put into action, and the Inclusive Teaching Action Plan is a learning experience designed to drive learners to greater equity-minded practices and foster continuous learning in all education spaces.

Feel free to review a brief promotional video about the course. We hope to see you at the webinar!

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Speaker Bio
Teshell Ponteen Greene, PhD

Multimedia Developer – HHMI BioInteractive

Dr. Teshell Ponteen Greene is a Multimedia Developer at HHMI BioInteractive. She has a BS in Chemistry from Pace University and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed a teaching postdoctoral fellowship, Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA), at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Later, as a Biology Professor, Teshell transformed and enhanced the classroom experience for her students by creating an equitable and inclusive learning culture for them to learn and thrive. She has a Certificate in Education Policy and Evaluation, which she received during her American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Technology Policy Fellowship (STPF) at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Teshell is a proud native of the beautiful twin island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Matthew Hall, PhD

Lead Consultant, Learning Experience Practice – Curio Group

Dr. Matthew Hall is a Lead Consultant within Curio’s Learning Experience Practice. Matthew works as a consultant with universities, colleges and research institutes to build education ecosystems, to create process-driven learning design systems and to develop solutions to complex pedagogical and organisational challenges. As a practiced design thinker, Matthew works with teams to develop creative solutions to today’s most complex digital challenges. With the Curio team, he has been designing and creating new digital tools to shape the future of student learning. Prior to joining the educational consultancy, Curio, Matthew was a Lecturer at Deakin University, in Melbourne Australia, where he was awarded Deakin University’s Individual Teaching Award for 2018 and nominated for the Teaching Innovation Award for 2019.

Melissa Csikari, EdD

Director of Learning Design and Assessment – HHMI BioInteractive

Dr. Melissa Csikari is the Director of Learning Design and Assessment at HHMI BioInteractive. She identifies as an educator with over 20 years of experience in high school and community college settings. At HHMI, Melissa focuses primarily on professional learning and content development for undergraduate introductory biology courses. Before she began teaching, Melissa managed a research lab in the cardiology department at the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a master’s degree in chemical and life sciences from the University of Maryland and an EdD from Johns Hopkins University School of Education, where her doctoral work focused on inclusive teaching practices within introductory biology courses. She lives in Fredericksburg, VA, with her husband and parents. Her strongest identity is as a mom. She is the proud parent of Kyle, Maddie, Jules, and Frank (her dog).