Eliminating Barriers: Leveraging UX Research for Enhanced Online Experiences

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**This webinar is part of the OLC Innovate 2024 Best-in-Track webinar series!**

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online higher education, ensuring a superior user experience is paramount. This webinar will explore the journey of implementing a User Experience Research Function at a scaled online higher education institution. We’ll delve into the strategic rationale behind this initiative, its impact on organizational culture, and the methodologies employed to understand and enhance the student experience. Discover how user-centered insights drive decision-making, inform pedagogical design, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Join us to uncover the transformative power of user experience research in the realm of online higher education. 

Key Takeaways:

This webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • The strategic justification for incorporating a User Experience (UX) research function within the realm of online higher education.
  • The role of UX research methodologies in enhancing the usability of online educational experiences, dismantling obstacles for learners, enhancing accessibility, fostering a sense of belonging, and ultimately contributing to student success.
  • Critical success factors for the effective implementation of a UX research function within a large-scale organization.
  • An overview of the essential technologies required to facilitate and support the UX research function.
  • The favorable cultural and organizational impact resulting from the integration of UX research activities.

Intended Audience: 

Administrators, Design Thinkers, Instructional Support, Technologists, and Researchers

Speaker Bio
Tess Diver, Ed.D

Assistant Vice President, Customer Experience Insights – Southern New Hampshire University

Tess Diver is the Assistant Vice President of Customer Experience Insights at Southern New Hampshire University. Her team conducts user experience (UX) research and design as part of SNHU’s Experience Optimization efforts. Previously she served in various roles at SNHU including Assistant Director of First Year Experience and Director of Student Success. Prior to joining SNHU, Tess developed enterprise learning opportunities at the Lean Enterprise Institute in Cambridge MA, focused on implementing lean principles and methodologies in organizations across the globe. She earned a doctorate from Vanderbilt University focused on leadership and learning in organizations in May 2024. Tess holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations from Southern New Hampshire University.