Large  Scale  Quality  Engineering  in  Distance  Learning  Programs

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Volume 16, Issue 5 - October 2012
Rita I. Herron, Embry-­Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
Cinda  Holsombach-­Ebner, Embry-­Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
Alice  K.  Shomate, Embry-­Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
Kimberly  J.  Szathmary, Embry-­Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
Embry-­Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
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Online   learning,   distance   learning,   blended   learning,   instructional   design   and   development,   educational   quality   assurance,   non-­traditional   education,   course   production,   course   management   and   faculty   development

Embry-­Riddle  Aeronautical  University - Worldwide  serves  more  than  36,000  online  students  across  the   globe,  many  of  whom  are military  and  other  non-­traditional  students,  offering  34  undergraduate,  graduate,   and   professional   education/workforce   certificate   programs,   presented   both   online   and   via   blended   delivery   modes.   The   centralized   model   of   online   course   production   and   management   produces   and   maintains   more   than   200   high   quality   turnkey-­style   courses,   including   several   award   winners.   Faculty   members  in  partnership  with  an  instructional  design  production  team  design  worldwide  courses,  working   together   to   ensure   course   goals   and   learning   objectives   are   achieved.   The   more   than   800   geographically   dispersed  faculty  members  are  monitored and  coached  throughout  the  course  delivery  process  by  a  quality   management  team.  With  a  student  satisfaction  rate  above  85%,  how does  Worldwide  ensure  that  quality  is   pervasive  at  every  stage  in  the  distance  learning  process?  In  addition,  how  does  Worldwide innovate  and   continue   to   ensure   the   quality   of   design   and   instruction   remains   our   top   priority?   The   article   addresses   quality   assurance   components   of   the   distance   learning   model   at   Worldwide,   including   administration,   course   design,   instructor   professional   development,   and   course   delivery.   The   actors   and   processes   employed   to   harness   Web   2.0,   mobile,   and   cloud   technologies   to   facilitate   distance   learning   administration,  teaching,  and  learning  are  detailed.