Four Organizations Partner on Public Policy for Adult Learners at June Summit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | WASHINGTON, D.C., APRIL 24 - The organizations will be focusing on workforce policy, online education, and many other topics related to state and federal policy and higher education. Four higher education organizations are joining together to host a June event focused on state and federal policy trends... Read More>

4 key findings about university innovation

eCampusNews | April 30, 2018 - Nearly all administrators (91 percent) in a recent survey say innovation is a top strategic or academic priority, but just 40 percent say their institution has a dedicated university innovation budget, according to a new report that explores the drivers and barriers to higher-ed innovation. The... Read More>

Improving Accessibility Often Falls to Faculty. Here’s What They Can Do.

EdSurge | April 27, 2018 - Like many of her peers, Ann Wai-Yee Kwong struggled in statistics while working towards a bachelor's degree in psychology at UC Berkeley. But because she is legally blind, she had an added challenge of not being able to see the diagrams and notes projected in... Read More>

Podcast: Conversations from LearnLaunch 2018: Instructional Design with the Online Learning Consortium and Entangled Solution’s Michael Horn

DigiPub | April 16, 2018 - Designing online courses to accommodate personalized learning pathways is more possible using educational technologies. But how do publishers and instructors ensure these learning experiences are engaging and accessible? How does technology’s much-needed disruption to education balance against practical concerns of ensuring strong learner outcomes?... Read More>

For Small, Private Liberal Arts Colleges, What’s the Drive to Go Online?

EdSurge | April 24, 2018 - When financials are steady and a college doesn’t have a desire to expand its reach beyond a physical campus, is online learning necessary—or even relevant? That was a question posed last week by Janet Russell, director of academic technology for Carleton College, at a session at... Read More>

What are US institutions' top-shared priorities?

Education Dive | April 24, 2018 - There is not a lot of consensus around the role of higher education in the 21st century — is its purpose to prepare citizens for work or teach them to be thinkers? And how is this different for different types of colleges? Should research... Read More>

Five (Easy-to-Implement) Ways Video Can Have a Powerful Impact on Teaching and Learning

EdSurge | April 23, 2018 - The days of standing in front of the classroom and “lecturing” are long gone. By using video, teachers can keep students engaged in new and innovative ways. Video is also proving to have solid results when it comes to learning outcomes—from higher test scores to increased... Read More>

Why Being in the (Online) Room Isn’t Enough: Fostering Difficult Dialogues in Digital Learning

EdSurge | Apr 13, 2018 - It’s a difficult time for many faculty members across the country to talk about current events with students. But how should instructors foster rich, inclusive dialogues with diverse students—and do so online where everyone might be anonymous? At the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate conference this week, a panel... Read More>

Higher Ed Tends to Give Innovation More Lip Service than Formal Backing

Campus Technology | April 23, 2018 - Should higher education institutions invest money in their innovation efforts? Most colleges don't seem to think so. A survey among U.S. academic administrators found that while more than nine in 10 institutions (91 percent) reference innovation in their strategic or academic plans, just four... Read More>

What Drives Innovation in Higher Ed?

EdTechDigest | April 20, 2018 - What is innovation in higher education? What does an innovative culture look like and how do higher education institutions define and employ innovation? These are some of the questions the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) and our research partner Learning House recently posed to more than 100... Read More>