How Do You Make MOOCs More Inclusive?

eLearningInside News | June 24, 2018 - By definition, MOOCs are massive. It’s not atypical for a given course to bring in tens of thousands+ of students looking to re-skill, study, learn a language, or feed their curiosity. With any population that size, there will be a great deal of diversity.... Read More>

How Do Diverse Classes Fare with Video-Based Active Learning?

eLearningInside News | June 21, 2018 - Classroom environments that use digital tools and active learning get a lot of attention these days. But discussion tends to lack nuance. An educator might implement a new pedagogy and measure learning outcomes, grades, engagement, or some other ‘across-the-board’ metric. But how does video-based active... Read More>

New Resource Aims to Improve Search for Online Programs

Inside Higher Ed | June 27, 2018 - Finding an online program could get a little bit easier for students with the help of a new questionnaire from five organizations focused on improving the quality and accessibility of digital learning. The document includes questions that students should be asking as they pursue online programs... Read More>

New Resource Helps Students Ask the Right Questions About Online Learning

Campus Technology | June 28, 2018 - Five organizations with expertise in online education have collaborated on a new resource for students looking for online programs. Together, Berkeley College, the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements(NC-SARA), the Online Learning Consortium, Quality Matters and the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) formulated a list of questions students should... Read More>

Helping students choose appropriate online courses

Education Dive | July 2, 2018 -  Dive Brief: Five organizations well versed in online learning have teamed up to develop guidance for students to help them navigate the many options for non-traditional courses. The group, which represents Berkeley College, the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, the Online Learning Consortium, Quality... Read More>

Online STEM Courses Need More Real-World Interactivity

Campus Technology | July 9, 2018 - What do students want in the learning activities for their online STEM courses? They'd prefer more real-life problems to solve and instructional resources such as simulations, case studies, videos and demonstrations. They'd also like the chance to meet and collaborate with other students as... Read More>

New Resource Helps Students Find the Right Online Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Berkeley College, NC-SARA, OLC, Quality Matters, and WCET  formulated a set of questions to help students navigate their online education options and determine the environment that best suits their preferences, education goals, and work/life balance. Internet World (June  27, 2018) – Online education is now enabling many traditional and... Read More>

Moving Beyond the Buzzword: Understanding Innovation in Higher Ed

Evolllution | June 20, 2018 - In April 2018, the Online Learning Consortium published The State of Innovation in Higher Education: A Survey of Academic Administrators. The report surveyed over 100 college and university administrators to gain insight into the drivers of and barriers to innovation in American institutes of higher education. In... Read More>

What Do Higher Ed Professional Associations Do?

Inside Higher Ed | June 18, 2018 - Yesterday I wrote about the large number of conferences and convenings competing for the attention of those interested in postsecondary learning innovation. Almost all of these events have a professional organization behind them. In today’s lingo, they are powered by an association, consortium, or... Read More>

Online Learning Consortium Launches ‘OLC Outlook: An Environmental Scan of the Digital Learning Landscape’

New strategic planning resource for higher education professionals examines priorities, trends, innovations and other considerations for 20 core areas of digital learning; The first report from the series covers Accessibility and publishes today. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (June 19, 2018) — The Online Learning Consortium (OLC), the leading professional organization devoted to... Read More>