ChatGPT Unleashed: An Advanced Exploration of AI-driven Course Design


Dr. Sean Nufer, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, TCS Education System and Senior Adjunct Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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Can artificial intelligence really transform the way we educate? Few of us could have fully predicted this game-changing moment even just a year ago, yet here we are, standing at the threshold of a new and transformative era where AI is poised to reshape education in unimaginable ways as platforms such as ChatGPT are driving significant changes within the educational environment. Educators stand to benefit enormously from these technological advancements. The rise of AI-driven course designs is reshaping our educational landscape in tremendous ways as educators are seeking to transition their workloads from manual, often labor-intensive processes, to automated, enhanced, and adaptable endeavors.

My collaborators and I are honored and excited to announce our master class“ChatGPT Unleashed: An advanced exploration of AI-driven course design” at the OLC Accelerate 2023 conference in October. The journey towards creating and delivering this master class has been driven by our fervent belief in the necessity and the potential of integrating AI into education.

ChatGPT from Three Perspectives

Our inspiration for this master class stems from a trifold perspective. First, in an era where students are using AI tools like ChatGPT to complete assignments, the approach to traditional education should adapt. Rather than punishing students for utilizing the resources available to them, educators should focus on creating tasks that challenge the students beyond what AI can achieve. This shift necessitates a rethinking of our educational strategies and methodologies while promoting innovative critical thinking skills that are uniquely human.

Second, as educators our responsibilities extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Our primary goal is to prepare students for their future, and that future undoubtedly includes interacting with AI tools to complete tasks and projects. Therefore, it’s crucial that our students leave our classrooms with a proficient understanding of how to effectively utilize these AI tools in their future careers.

Third, the adoption of AI is not only beneficial for students but also for educators. There is an overwhelming amount of AI applications inundating the market now and in the foreseeable future. These platforms can simplify and enhance our roles as educators and course designers. Whether we’re designing course content, creating engaging classroom activities, providing personalized and insightful feedback, or enhancing the interaction with our students, ChatGPT can prove to be a valuable teaching assistant. As educators, it’s incumbent upon us to stay up-to-date of these developments and integrate these tools into our classrooms as we prepare our students for the world beyond the classroom.

AI, an Ally in Education

In our master class, we aim to dispel some of the common misconceptions about AI in education, and specifically, ChatGPT. By providing participants with comprehensive resources and engaging them in hands-on activities, we will dive deep into the capabilities of this powerful AI tool, exploring how we can utilize it to enhance our educational experiences. ChatGPT is more than a high-functioning AI language model – it’s an ally for us educators as we personalize our content and tailor examples to suit individual students’ distinct learning needs and expectations.

During our master class, we will delve into advanced AI techniques and how they can be leveraged to enrich the learning experience. We will demystify the technology behind language models like ChatGPT, touching on the inner workings of the transformer architecture that it is built upon. Understanding the mechanics of how ChatGPT generates contextually coherent and appropriate responses can provide valuable insights for educators into its strengths and limitations, and how to most effectively use it to augment their teaching strategies.

Join the Conversation at OLC Accelerate

We invite you to join us at the OLC Accelerate conference this October for our in-depth exploration of ChatGPT and its implications for AI-driven course design. Together, we will navigate the world of AI in education, exploring how we can unlock the potential of AI and elevate our teaching strategies to meet the demands of the digital age.

Stay tuned for updates on the conference and this exciting master class by following @OLCToday and using the hashtag #olcaccelerate. We look forward to embarking on this enlightening journey with all of you at the conference. See you there!


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