How Online Proctoring Data Delivers Tangible Results and Affects Academic Decisions


Jenny Rankin, Digital Marketing Manager, ProctorU

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Are your students cheating?

The short answer is, yes, a minority of students do attempt to cheat on exams if given the opportunity.

As academics, you take pride in your craft, and you care about your students, providing them with quality learning content and expert guidance so they can be as prepared as possible once they leave the doors of your institution. One way that you can guide and prepare your students is to reduce the possibility of cheating as much as possible, thus encouraging them to honestly obtain the knowledge necessary to be successful and leveling the playing field for all your other students. 

We look forward to sharing our data at OLC Accelerate to further empower you and your students. Get a sneak peak through the information below.

Using Data to Change the Industry Conversation

The time has come to change the focus from proctoring methods to proctoring outcomes.

You may already have prevention strategies in place in the form of online proctoring, but do you know if these strategies are really working? Do you have any relevant data or metrics to back up the outcomes?

As technology has evolved, a positive consequence has been that the data collected has become much more sophisticated, providing a sharper insight into test-taker cheating behavior.  With a small amount of information about your program, we are now able to furnish you with a customized Cheating Risk Index. The Index provides a reasonable assessment, based on studies completed for institutions and programs with variables similar to yours, regarding what type of cheating may occur in a course, when it is most likely to happen, and a profile of the type of student most likely to cheat. Such information is paramount for instructors and administrators, providing an added layer of protection when planning courses and exam content or making decisions on what type of proctoring would be best paired to each exam.

What Type of Cheating Data Will We Present?

At ProctorU, it is our primary purpose to understand test-takers and the constant evolution of cheating behaviors. We do this so we can empower our partners with these insights, arm them with the tools necessary to see if their methods are producing favorable outcomes, and adjust those methods if they aren’t. 

The following is data we’ve collected on three different types of institutions about the percentage of sessions in which unpermitted resources (such as books, notes, calculators or cell phones) were removed by our proctors before an exam:

  • MBA program, large university: 45.99%
  • General academic program, large university: 70.82%
  • General academic program, large online-only university: 56.16%

This is just a small sampling of the data we have found. We also observe events such as the number of times a student looks off-screen during an exam, how many times we’ve detected another person in a student’s testing area, and how many times a student was observed speaking or reading aloud during a test. All of these observations help drive continued innovation in our proctoring platform.

Using Data to Employ the Right Kind of Online Proctoring:

The online proctoring industry has several different product options: a live session, a software-only session, and a combination of the two. 

Which types of proctoring are right for your courses? This decision can be difficult and you may not know where to begin, but you can harness the data available through our Cheating Risk Index to make an informed choice. 

One of ProctorU’s goals is to provide education and support through this decision-making process. The data we collect can demonstrate which courses may have a higher frequency of attempted cheating and more, highlighting which courses need a higher level of security.  

Factors to consider:

  • Class size
  • Value level of each assessment
  • Number of exams given per semester

Learn more about our Cheating Risk Index at OLC in Orlando 

If any of the above piques your interest, come discuss it with us at booth #200 during OLC Accelerate 2019! You can receive your Cheating Risk Index from the Great Artissimo, magician and academic integrity fortune teller. Or grab a Procki’s Punch at our complimentary bar during the reception on Wednesday night. And don’t forget your selfie with Procki! We also invite you to our sessions, where we take a deep dive into the above-mentioned issues and more. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando! 


Session 1: Defining Quality Proctoring with Measurable Results and Improved Student Outcomes

Wednesday, November 20 at 2:15 p.m. in Europe 3


Session 3: Test Where You Live: Enhancing the Student Experience with Technology

Thursday, November 21 at 9:45 a.m. in Oceanic 3


Session 2: 9 Questions to Ask Every Online Proctoring Vendor

Thursday, November 21 at 1:15 p.m. in Europe 3


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