Celebrating Excellence at OLC Innovate 2024: Best-in-Track Award Winners


The OLC Marketing Team

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As part of our conferences, OLC recognizes presentations that emerge as outstanding with a Best-in-Track designation. Attendees selected each of these presentations—with topics including engaging faculty development programs and AI, the intersection of DEI and competency-based education, and user experience (UX) research—as best in their track at the OLC Innovate 2024 conference this spring.

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate the Innovate 2024 Best-in-Track winners:

Leslie Paige Mojeiko and Chris Sharp, University of Florida

Presentation: Cooking Up Byte-Sized Ways to Elevate Faculty Development

Emily Rush, Margaret Checchi, Daniel Martin, and Laura Smith, Rush University

Presentation: Unlocking the Future of Education: Helping Faculty to Embrace the Potential of Generative AI

Chalu Harris-Adams, Sarah Skudin Evans, Courtney Munday, and Micelle Pohlen, Western Governors University

Presentation: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Competency-Based Instruction: A Path to Educational Excellence

Nicole Weber, University of Wisconsin

Presentation: Protecting and Empowering our Swiss Army Knives: Supporting Instructional Designers in a Shifting Landscape

Tess Diver, Southern New Hampshire University

Presentation: Eliminating Barriers: Leveraging UX Research for Enhanced Online Experiences

#WeAreOLC Summer Webinar Series

If you missed these sessions at Innovate 2024, join us this summer for our annual #WeAreOLC Summer webinar series featuring these presentations designed to help you prepare for fall with research-backed practices, strategies, and ideas from the OLC Community. Register here.

Congratulations again to all our Best-in-Track winners for their exceptional contributions to the OLC Innovate 2024 conference! Your innovative work is paving the way for the future of online learning.

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