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If you’ve ever been to an OLC conference, you know what it means to connect and collaborate with colleagues who share your goals and challenges – to explore resources, better define what we do, create new knowledge, and shape the future of online teaching and learning.

OLC is challenging us to inspire others to connect and collaborate, and I’m up for the challenge!

OLC ACCELERATE VIDEO CONTESTI find it incredibly valuable to share my OLC Accelerate learning experiences with my colleagues across higher ed, K-12, government, and industry. The conference always kicks my brain in gear by highlighting new initiatives and pushing me to gain a deeper understanding of core topics and effective practices related to the design, development, delivery, and management of online teaching and learning across a wide range of disciplines. Sharing the OLC experience through conversation and discussion helps me support and expand the scope of my personal learning networks. It helps me to learn so much more!

We are all about teaching and learning, and sharing is such an integral part of what we do.  I encourage you to turn on that spotlight, put on a great big smile, and inspire others to attend OLC conferences by participating in the OLC Accelerate Video Challenge.

You can focus on the one thing that inspires you most from an OLC event, or share an “insider” tip for newcomers.  If you’re new to OLC and this will be your first OLC Accelerate, I challenge you to create a video highlighting what you’re most excited to learn about. It’s all about telling your story, inspiring others to join us at OLC Accelerate to share their stories, and connecting in this vibrant community of practice.

I can’t wait to see your videos!

Phylise H. Banner

Phylise H. Banner
OLC Accelerate 2017 Steering Committee Member
Learning Experience Design Consultant
Curator, InSync Blended Learning Hub


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