OLC Announces New Series of Reports: OLC Outlook


Jill Buban, Ph.D.

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Over the past year, the OLC thought leadership team has been reviewing pertinent topics in the digital learning field. In scanning the daily media and literature in the field, as well as speaking with many of you at conferences across the country, we’ve selected the topics for OLC Outlook: An Environmental Scan of the Digital Learning Landscape. OLC Outlook is a series of original reports from the OLC Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership, designed to keep higher education professionals informed of the latest developments in the field of digital learning. Publishing monthly, each of the 20 core areas of digital learning offers a curated 360-degree view of a critical digital learning topic, providing access to helpful resources that can be used to inform strategic planning and solve strategic challenges.

Accessibility is the subject of the first report in the OLC Outlook series. Click to download the report: Access and Accessibility in Online Learning: Issues in Higher Education and K-12 Contexts. The report on accessibility is co-authored by Mary Rice and Katherine McAlvage, two of OLC’s Emerging Scholars.

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