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Jill Buban, Ph.D.

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On May 4th, Michael Feldstein authored a post for the e-Literate blog that intertwined last month’s ASU-GSV convening and the lightning talks from the Empirical Educator Project (EEP) Summit. This news hit my inbox over the weekend by way of friend and colleague, Chuck Dziuban, as Feldstein’s post includes a continuing research project being conducted by the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness (RITE) team, for which Dziuban is the director, at the University of Central Florida and RealizeIT.

Why might we be emailing about this project on the weekend? While adaptive learning is of high interest to many of us in the digital learning field, this particular study is near and dear to the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) as the results of the initial pilot study were published in OLC’s Online Learning Journal in 2016.

Since that time, co-author, Assistant Director of of RITE, and OLC Board Member Patsy Moskal has presented this work at a an OLC/Open SUNY Summit, as well as multiple OLC conferences along with RealizeIT’s Colm Howlin. Most recently, Chuck, Patsy, and Colm presented at OLC Innovate in April and accepted the Best in Track Research Award for their ongoing research in this area.

If you’re interested in reading similar research, I invite you to visit the OLC Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership, the Online Learning Journal, and the University of Central Florida’s RITE.

Dziuban, C., Moskal, P., Cassisi, J., & Fawcett, A. (2016). Adaptive learning in psychology: wayfinding in the digital age. Online Learning, 20(3).

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