Proctorio’s Revamped Review Center: More than Just a Grade


Caroline Hoffman

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The Proctorio Review Center serves as a centralized hub, where all test-taker attempts are sorted by Suspicion Score on a red, yellow, and green scale based on settings dictated by the exam administrator to highlight which exam attempts require thorough review.

After an exam is submitted, administrators can review recordings and flagged behaviors within the Proctorio Review Center.

Previously known as Proctorio’s Gradebook, it was thoughtfully rebranded as the “Review Center,” introducing a wide array of new and improved features meticulously designed to elevate and enrich your overall exam management experience.

In renaming the Gradebook to Review Center, we wanted to emphasize inclusion and professionalism within the product. The “Gradebook” suggests grading, whereas the Review Center helps test-takers know that their submissions are being thoroughly and professionally reviewed.

The latest release of the Review Center features progress tracking, updated exam management, the addition of completed and deleted attempts, and an array of versatile sorting options. These are all included in an effort to refine and amplify the efficiency of the exam review process, ensuring a more streamlined and effective experience overall.

Exam administrators may now monitor test-taker progress during the pre-checks, facilitated by the introduction of a comprehensive progress bar, ensuring they’re ready and prepared for the exam ahead. Now including access to real-time insights pertaining to the time remaining for each attempt, test-takers are encouraged to improve their time management skills. Therefore, fostering an equitable testing environment that promotes fairness and accuracy.

We’ve also improved the exam management capabilities. With the capability of sorting exams by completed and deleted attempts, administrators can now easily review test-taker performance in completed attempts. Should any be accidentally deleted, there is now an option to restore them within a 24-hour period. To further enhance organization, the Review Center offers flexible sorting options for the exam attempts, both by name and suspicion score, and any other way you might wish to view them.

Proctorio’s Review Center is currently available, and can be explored in its entirety for an enhanced exam administration experience. Whether you are an instructor, administrator, or educator, this update is designed to make your job easier and more effective.

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