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Through self-publication and collaborations with publishers, OLC offers select digital learning books. OLC Professional Members and Institutional Members receive 20% off select books.

The OLC Series of books on online education are based on collaborative OLC workshops of invited educators. These peer-reviewed case studies present a wealth of inside information about the strategies successful programs are using to improve learning effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, access, and student and faculty satisfaction. These elements of quality constitute the mission of the Online Learning Consortium: to make education a part of everyday life, accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere, at any time, in a wide variety of disciplines. 

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eLearning has entered the mainstream of higher education as an agent of strategic change. This transformation requires eLearning leaders to develop the skills to innovate successfully at a time of heightened competition and rapid technological change. This second edition builds on the success of the first edition (below) and presents both the collective expertise of veterans who have pioneered the field for 20 years and of a rising generation of eLearning leaders that are transforming online programs at their own institutions, to address these challenges. Learn More. 

OLC Members receive 30% off this book through year-end 2020. Watch for your code in the OLC Member Newsletter or email for the code.

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“This is one of those books that every educator, administrator and policymaker needs to read now. The authors and experts, who represent online learning’s visionaries, innovators and practitioners, offer up clear and authoritative guidance at a time when it could not be more relevant or essential. They have rendered higher education a path forward in its hour of need.”

–Anthony G. Picciano, Professor, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center


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