ISSN 1092-8235 (online) – ISSN 1939-5256 (print)


A good practitioner-based manuscript will provide as much as possible of the following: 1. Background on a) the theory or theories, b) research results or other literature, and/or c) unique situation(s) that initiated the search for and design of the practice. 2. Sufficient detail about the setting (the institution, department, or program) so that readers can assess whether the practice may be applicable to their own setting. 3. Sufficient detail about the practice so that others may duplicate the practice if they desire to. 4. Evidence about the practice’s outcomes, such as learning analytics, data on effectiveness, or other evaluation data. 5. Analysis of the practice’s strengths and weaknesses. 6. Recommendations to others about use or modification of the practice. These manuscripts will use APA (6th Edition) for formatting and references.


Background: Brief information about the study (e.g., what initiated the need for the study; problem of practice(s)/problem statement – what is the issue(s) being studied; other literature relating to this problem; theory or theories)

Setting: where the problem and investigation occurred (e.g., type of institution or organization, department, or program)

Investigation & Practice: describe how the issue was studied and describe the practice that was derived from the outcomes/findings

Analysis: analyze the practice in terms of strength, weakness, further application in other settings

Recommendations: provide recommendations to others about using the practice, modifications of the practice, any future research needed

APA: These manuscripts will use APA (6th Edition) for formatting and references.

Author Agreement:
Submissions that report results of research methods focusing on active-duty service members or their families from a specific command, base, or unit must include a statement indicating the appropriate military commander or Department of Defense authority has approved the use of the collected data. In submitting this paper, I agree that I have received appropriate approval to share the collected data.