Active Learning and Meta-Cognition: Helping Students Develop Lifelong Learning Skills in Large Online STEM Courses

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**This webinar is part of our OLC Innovate 2022 Best-in-Track summer webinar series!**

Many students enter a first year mathematics course with the mindset of “I just need to get the right answer.” In this session we introduce three activities thoughtfully incorporated into high enrollment courses that help students adjust their learning practices with low instructor effort and high student impact. 

  • Homework Feedback Loop – Meta-Cognitive reflection coupled with annotated solutions.
  • A math photo hunt – bringing active learning to the online classroom, enhancing the student’s engagement with course content.
  • Exam Wrappers – A simple way to make summative assessments also formative assessments and give you valuable feedback about the exam experience your students have.

Come prepared to use your creativity to find ways to create engaging activities in your own courses. Participants will learn how to design scalable activities that help their students connect their course content with the world around them.

Speaker Bio
Daniel Rockwell

Assistant Director of Online Mathematics – Arizona State University

Daniel Rockwell has been an educator for 17+ years. Daniel started his career at Oregon State University as an Instructor traching in person and online Math courses. More recently, Daniel has joined Arizona State University as the Assistant Director of Online Mathematics where he supervises student workers, works closely with faculty to design effective courses, and spreads his love of mathematics to everyone he encounters.
Suzanne Galayda

Associate Director Operation Math – Arizona State University

For over 20 years, Suzanee has worked to center student agency and engagement in math courses. She has wired on innovative course development ranging from College Algebra through Calculus. She currently leads the Operation Math initiative focused on re-imagining math education.