The Ease of Growing OER Adoption

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Bay View Analytics research has shown that faculty members who are aware of an OER initiative are 300%+ more likely to adopt OER than are the general population of faculty. This webinar examines the data behind this finding and introduces several individuals who have made this difference a reality. Attendees will leave with an understanding of successful strategies and the next steps that they can apply at their institution.

Speaker Bio
Jeff Seaman
Jeff Seaman, Ph.D.

Director – Bay View Analytics

Dr. Jeff Seaman has worked in education information technology for over 20 years and holds degrees in Demography/Statistics, Sociology, Electrical Engineering, and Housing, all from Cornell University. He has taught social science, information technology, and statistics at several colleges and universities, including Cornell University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and. Babson College. Dr. Seaman has been conducting research on the impact of technology on higher education and K-12 for over a decade, beginning with comprehensive national studies of technology use in U.S. Higher Education. Dr. Seaman has served on academic technology advisory boards for a number of information technology companies including Apple Computer, IBM, and Microsoft.
Julia Seaman
Julia Seaman, Ph.D.

Director of Research – Bay View Analytics

Dr. Julia Seaman has extensive experience in survey research as well as competitive intelligence and translational research. She has worked and published across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative projects. Along with her publications at Bay View Analytics, Dr. Seaman’s projects include publishing on statistical practices in ASQ, and consulting for several biotechnology start-ups. Dr. Seaman has published in scientific, statistical, and quality control journals, including Cell Death and Differentiation, BMC Anesthesiology, and Journal of Quality Progress, as well as serving as statistical and scientific reviewer for BMC journals and UCSF Health Awards.

Tanya Spilovoy, Ed.D.

Director of Open Policy – WCET

Dr. Tanya Spilovoy is the director of open policy at WCET where she leads the National Consortium of Open Educational Resources (NCOER) initiative, which focuses on the policy, practice, and implementation of open educational resources in compact regions, states, systems, and higher education institutions. She and her team conduct research, share best practices, and initiate efforts to ensure all students have equitable access to low-cost, openly licensed, high-quality learning materials. As director, she collaborates with the regional compacts (MHEC, WICHE, NEBHE, and SREB) to implement open educational resources in states and systems across the nation. Tanya joined the team in 2016 and previously served as the director for distance education and state authorization for the North Dakota University System.
man in bowtie
Michael Torrence, Ph.D.

President – Motlow State Community College

Dr. Michael Torrence is the president of Motlow State Community College in Tennessee. He has spent his career embracing the use of technological literacy as a platform to increase student access, engagement, and success. He has served as the Co-Chairperson for TNeCampus, a Tennessee Board of Regents statewide team leader for the integration of Emerging Technology and Mobilization in the areas of Gaming, VR, AR, and MR into teaching and learning. He has trained faculty, students, executives, and community members and developed immersive curriculum focused on STEAMB (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Aviation, Mathematics, and Business focused on Entrepreneurship) for all grade levels and utilized these platforms teaching undergraduate and graduate students in his own classes where VR and entrepreneurship is a norm. He earned a Ph.D. in exceptional learning at Tennessee Tech University and a BA and MA in English at South Dakota State University.
Robbie Melton
Robbie Melton, Ph.D.

Tenured Professor and Transitional Dean of Graduate School – Tennessee State University

Dr. Robbie K. Melton is a tenured professor and transitional dean of graduate school for Tennessee State University. She is also founder and CEO of ‘RobbieTech4Teach’ and formally (20 years) Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobilization Emerging Technology for the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) assigned to develop the system’s Strategic Emerging IEO Technology Planning and provide system-wide Professional Development and Faculty Training related to education technology support and services for teaching, learning, training, workforce development, product testing, pilots, and research. Melton is currently overseeing research regarding the ‘Emerging Technology of The Internet of Everything (IoE) of Smart Connected Devices and Mixed Reality Technologies’ (VR/AR/Holograms/Wearables) for enhancing teaching, improving learning, and increasing workforce productivity; curating IOE Smart Educational Devices, Gadgets, and Tools; and primary investigator for HBCU OER Affordable Learning Solutions Pilots and OER Workforce Skills Commons.