This award recognizes outstanding and creative use of appropriate educational technologies to teach an online and/or blended course in higher education.

Recipients will be recognized at the next OLC Accelerate conference with a commemorative plaque.


Nominations and Submissions

The Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award is evaluated on four primary criteria:

Imaginative Approach: The nominee has implemented a creative approach to one or more emerging instructional challenges.

Quality of Course Materials and Instructional Strategies: The nominee has created well-designed course materials and utilized appropriate instructional strategies.

Learner Satisfaction: The nominee has demonstrated rapport with learners as well as other course participants.

Effective Learning Outcomes: The nominee has demonstrated effectiveness in achieving desired learning outcomes in the online course.

Materials required for submission:

  • A detailed description of the course that provides evidence of how the course meets the award criteria.
  • Supporting documentation demonstrating course development, implementation, and/or outcomes. Documentation may include but is not limited to assessment data, web address and/or screenshots, sample course pages, videos, or other evidence of quality.
  • Three letters of support demonstrating how this program addresses the four evaluation criteria.