Lori Kupczynski, Professor; Sunddip Aguilar, Ed.D., Doctor of Education and Doctor of Health Sciences Program Director;

Cindy Mathena, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Interim Campus Director;

Shannon Groff, Ph.D., Doctoral Advisor and Contributing Faculty;

Frank Bennett, Academic Advisor; Kimberly Terrell, Post Professional Program Coordinator for Doctor of Education, Doctor of Health Science, and International Non-Degree Students; and

Lindsay Rosenfeld, Senior Academic Program Assistant – University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.



At the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, the typical dissertation process for doctoral students has been transformed to a unique and successful effective practice through the development of a Concierge Support Model. This effective practice promotes Doctoral Student Efficacy, Persistence, and Matriculation in an Online Program by offering an individualized, student focused process to support students in their preparation, progress, and achievement. The effective practice combines one on one continuous advising, a mentoring process threaded through the program, and unique interactions with faculty and staff through online courses, Interprofessional Education, optional immersions, and two required residencies. This practice offers the best educational value as it not only supports enrollment but also builds relationships with learners that create a support system in which barriers are reduced and learners graduate in less time than in a traditional model.

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