Volume 10, Issue 2 - May 2006

Institutional Transformation: Introduction to the Special Issue

Janet C. Moore, The Sloan Consortium

Is there sufficient motivation for the institution to scale up online education? This may involve financial and other considerations, and [we refer] to it as "cost-effectiveness" . This special issue of the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks focuses on institutional transformation, including insights into business models. This introduction points to additional...

ALN Business Models and the Transformation of Higher Education

Gary E. Miller, The Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Schiffman, Babson College and Franklin.W. Olin College of Engineering

The ways institutions have structured their initial innovation with online learning vary greatly. Initial business model decisions present different challenges in terms of how institutions will integrate online learning. This paper looks at several common business models and the opportunities and challenges that each presents to institutions that want to...

Online Learning: New Models for Leadership and Organization in Higher Education

George Otte, City University of New York
Meg Benke, Empire State College

Online learning is now reaching the core, helping to transform higher education and moving beyond isolated efforts to pervasive influence and change. The dichotomy of distance learning vs. campus-based education has broken down, and forward-looking senior administrators have embraced new approaches to education that contain the elements of successful online...

The Times They Are A-Changing

Carol Scarafiotti, Rio Salado College
Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes, Athabasca University

Higher education is engulfed in change. At the same time that institutions of higher education are endeavoring to transform themselves by integrating information and communication technologies into curriculum delivery, student profiles are changing. Low income-ethnic populations are among the fastest growing segment of 18–24 year old students; male enrollments are...

Cases of Institutional Transformation

The Pennsylvania State University
University of Texas TeleCampus
Rio Salado College
The City University of New York
Athabasca University
Empire State College

Six institutions provide snapshots of some of the major transformative effects of online education....

Business Models for Online Learning: An Exploratory Survey

Karen Vignare, MSU Global Ventures
Christine Geith, MSU Global
Stephen Schiffman, Babson College and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Despite the rapid growth in the adoption of online learning, there is a dearth of detailed information on effective business models, business strategies and effective practices on which to build sustainable online education programs. A survey instrument was developed as an initial attempt to define business models and business strategies...

Business Models for Online Education

George Lorenzo, Educational Pathways

Nine institutions—Colorado State University, Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), Duquesne University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida, The University of Illinois at Springfield, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Michigan, University of Georgia—share information about their business models....