Volume 5, Issue 1 - May 2001

Stretching the Boundaries: Using ALN to Reach On-Campus Students During an Off-Campus Summer Session

X. Christine Wang,National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Alaina Kanfer,National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
D. Michelle Hinn, Technology Research Group, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Lanny Arvan, College of Commerce & Business Administration, UIUC

In this article we study an innovative use of asynchronous learning networks (ALN) to stretch the boundaries of the traditional university campus. An ALN was used to allow traditional on-campus students to take a required course, ECON 300: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, during summer session while they were off campus, working summer...

Exploring Collaborative Online Learning

David D. Curtis, Flinders University of South Australia
Michael J. Lawson, Flinders University of South Australia

An investigation was carried out to determine the extent to which evidence of collaborative learning could be identified in students' textual interactions in an online learning environment. The literature on collaborative learning has identified a range of behaviors that characterize successful collaborative learning in face-to-face situations. Evidence of these behaviors...

A Constructivist Approach to Online Training for Online Teachers

Dr. Sanford Gold

This article examines the pedagogical role of the teacher in online education. Specifically, the transition from in-class room instruction to online instruction is a complex one involving specialized training in the technical aspects of delivering quality educational materials (or environments) to the students, and specialized training in how to foster...

Development and Evaluation of a Framework for Creating Web-Based Learning Modules: A Pedagogical and Systems Perspective

Thomas Janicki, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Jens O. Liegle, Georgia State University

Educational content on the Internet is rapidly increasing. Educational institutions and businesses are placing more course material online to supplement classroom and business training situations. Prior ...

Lectures on Demand in ALN: Enhancing the Online Learning Experience

H.A. Latchman, Electrical and Engineering Department, University of Florida
Sheryl M. Latchman, Qualitech Computer Services

It is now well known that asynchronous learning networks (ALNs) provide effective mechanisms for facilitating interaction within learning communities in which the learners are separated by distance or ...

Virtual Writing Forum with Don Murray and the National Writing Project in an Asynchronous Environment

Joan Taylor, University of Nevada - Reno

This study evaluated the level of participation and perceptions of effectiveness and value among participants in a virtual forum interacting with one another and with Donald Murray, a noted mentor in writing instruction. National Writing Project teacher consultants were invited to participate in a two-week interactive session using Caucus®, a...

Testimony to the Kerrey Commission on Web-Based Education

Frank Mayadas, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

My name is Frank Mayadas; I am a Program Director with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Since late 1992, before there even was a commercial internet, the Foundation has had a program in what is now called online learning, through which we have provided over $35 million in grant support...

Sheffield Lecture- Yale University, January 11, 2000, Internet Learning: Is it Real and What Does it Mean for Universities?

Ralph E. Gomory, President, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

My interest in learning over networks dates back to 1989. In 1989 there was no commercial Internet. It was hard to get people interested in learning over networks or to even to understand what learning over networks meant or could mean. Fortunately, in 1992 I was joined at the Sloan...