Volume 8, Issue 1 - February 2004

Anytime, Anyplace and the Community College: Ten Emerging Insights

Mark David Milliron, Ph.D., President and CEO of League for Innovation in the Community College
Mary Prentice, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Educational Management and Development Department, New Mexico State University

Community colleges are a vital part of the larger higher education community in the United States and increasingly around the world. The more than 1,100 U.S. community colleges—not to mention the hundreds of like institutions internationally—have evolved into dynamic, comprehensive institutions that are often known for their resourcefulness in using...

Using Asynchronous Learning in Redesign: Reaching and Retaining the At-Risk Student

Carol A. Twigg, Executive Director, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Many students who begin postsecondary education drop out before completing a degree. According to the Lumina Foundation, an estimated ...

Mainstreaming Distance Learning Into the Community College

Dr. Linda M. Thor, President, Rio Salado College
Carol Scarafiotti, Dean of Instruction, Rio Salado College

Rio Salado, one of the Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix metropolitan area, has not only carved a market niche as a leading distance learning provider for working adults, but has experienced double-digit growth...

Academic Redesign: Accomplishing More With Less

William H. Graves, Ph.D., Chairman and Founder, Eduprise

Community colleges are under persistent pressure to spend more on technology. In lieu of bolting technology onto essential academic and administrative process at additional net cost, savvy community college leaders are planning ...

If it Ain't Broke, Improve it: Thoughts on Engaging Education for Us All

Steven W. Gilbert, President, The TLT Group

One of the continuing challenges of education is enabling those who strive to improve teaching, learning, and research to take advantage of the too-rapidly-changing new environment created by telecommunications ...

The Orion Project: Connecting a Community

Richard M. Rhodes, Ph.D., President El Paso Community College,
Barbara Walker, Major Account Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Certainly, the computer and the internet have opened up opportunities and stimulated unprecedented growth. However, even after the turn of a new century, the Digital Divide has not yet closed and sectors of people are still excluded from enjoying the opportunities and growth that now exist. El Paso Community College,...

Putting a Little TLC into Learning

Stella A. Perez, Project SAIL Director/Senior Consultant Online Initiatives, League for Innovation in the Community College

The acronym TLC has typically stood for tender loving care. With the influx of technology into the lives of millions, it might appear that TLC is in short supply; however, the League for Innovation...

The Weariness of the Flesh: Reflections on the Life of the Mind in an Era of Abundance

Paul B. Gandel, Vice Provost for Info Svcs & Dean, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island
Richard N. Katz, Vice President, EDUCAUSE

The invention of the printing press reduced higher education’s learning-resource scarcity. Access to learning increased, and this democratization of education indirectly contributed to the idea of political democracy ...

The Road to DotCalm in Education

Mark David Milliron, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College

The DotCom era has educators running faster and faster to keep up with technology that feels more and more elusive. This paper recognizes this chase for what it is—educationally hazardous—and suggests ...