In order to register and successfully complete a Mastery Series, a participant must have either:

  • One year of online or blended teaching experience
  • Have taken the New to Online: The Essentials, Part 1 one-week workshop

Please note that for the Leadership in Online Learning Mastery Series, an additional prerequisite of administrative experience in online education is required.


  • Registration closes 24 hours prior to the start date/time of the Mastery Series (e.g. if an offering begins on Wednesday at 12:00pm ET, registration closes at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday).
  • Upon registering and paying for a Mastery Series offering, you will receive an email confirming your registration.
  • Late registrations are not accepted.
  • All Mastery Series offered throughout the year are listed on our website under the Mastery Series schedule.
  • Regular Customer Service hours are available with the exception of holidays Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm ET.



  • On the Friday before the series start date, participants will receive an email with directions and an enrollment key to activate access to all series materials and activities in OLC’s learning management system at
  • This enrollment key is for the individual participants use and should not be shared with anyone else.
  • Once a Mastery Series begins, participants can use the enrollment key at any time to access the series. Participants will have access to that Mastery Series for 365 days starting on the day they enroll.
  • Please note, you will need to enroll in a timely fashion to receive Recognition of Mastery for a Mastery Series. We recommend enrolling no later than the 2nd day of the first workshop.


If you request a transfer prior to enrolling, you can transfer without an additional fee. If you request a transfer after beginning the Mastery Series, you will be charged an administrative fee of $350.

Partial credits will not be given for individual workshops in the series. Transfer requests will be accepted, but you will have to retake the entire series, regardless of the work you completed prior to transferring.


OLC Mastery Series workshops are a set of three in-depth workshops, each one-week long, on a specific topic. Breaks are provided in between for reflection and application of concepts.

An example of a Mastery Series schedule is shown below with approximate time commitments:

  • Workshop 1: Approximately 7 asynchronous hours of work in 7 days plus 1 synchronous hour (available as a recording).
  • Reflection and Application 1: Approximately 2-4 asynchronous hours of work in 3 weeks.
  • Workshop 2: Approximately 7 asynchronous hours of work in 7 days plus 1 synchronous hour (available as a recording).
  • Reflection and Application 2: Approximately 2-4 asynchronous hours of work in 3 weeks.
  • Workshop 3: Approximately 7 asynchronous hours in 7 days of work plus 1 synchronous hour (available as a recording).

Successful completion of a Mastery Series results in Recognition of Mastery from OLC and requires:

  • Enrollment by the end of the first day of the first workshop
  • Completion of all graded activities by their stated deadlines

All participants in an OLC Mastery Series are expected to adhere to the OLC Netiquette Guidelines.


  • Participants who want/need to receive an Award of Completion for the Mastery Series must complete all required and graded activities.
  • All participants will have the opportunity to submit work for a grade (by the listed assignment deadline) and, if necessary, revise and resubmit his/her work ONCE to achieve a passing grade.
  • Anyone needing or wanting to submit work past the assignment deadline must get approval, in writing, from the facilitator. Only the facilitator determines if a participant can submit something late.


  • All graded assignments must be completed by the due date listed. No late assignments will be accepted unless prior arrangements are made with the facilitator.
  • Assignments will be graded within 3 business days of the due date and email notifications, via the News Forum, will be sent to all participants to inform them of their grades.
  • Participants can revise assignments that do not achieve a passing grade, but they must submit their revisions within 2 days of their original grade being posted. Participants must get approval from the facilitator to revise an assignment.
  • Revised assignments will be graded within 3 business days and email notifications, via the News Forum, will be sent to those participants to inform them of their grades.


OLC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all participants in accordance with federal guidelines. If you have a disability, use assistive technology, or need accommodation to fully access a series or workshop, please notify us during your registration by checking the accommodation box, providing information about the kind of accommodation you would need, and email us at at least one week in advance of the workshop or series start date. You will be contacted by someone from our OLC Institute staff to discuss your needs.


OLC strives to deliver all offerings as scheduled. However, if fewer than 15 people register, or if a facilitator falls ill, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the Mastery Series. If this happens, we will give as much advanced notice as possible. In the event a series is cancelled or rescheduled, you will be given the opportunity to select another offering in the same calendar year that fits your schedule and your registration payment will be applied to that event. No refunds will be given.


Unless stated otherwise, OLC and/or workshop facilitators retain copyright on all workshop and series materials. Please do not copy materials or distribute them to anyone without prior written approval from the copyright owner.

Special Note: The workshop and series content remains property of OLC. Any product/content that the participant/faculty creates as a result of participating in a OLC workshop or Mastery Series becomes the property of that participant/faculty member.


"The OLC Mastery Series in Online Science Labs provided resources and information that has helped me design new labs for the online course I teach. I highly recommend the workshop to others teaching online science."


Natalie Zayas Delgado – California State University, Monterey Bay (Online Science Labs Mastery)