Gwendolyn Britton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, STEM Professions, Southern New Hampshire University;

Mark Gruen, M.Ed., Associate Dean, STEM, Southern New Hampshire University; and

Jamie Holcomb, Associate Dean, First-Year Experience and Education, Southern New Hampshire University.



Southern New Hampshire University recognizes that online learners enter the university with wide-ranging math exposure. SNHU addresses the needs of individual learners and improves student success by expanding the math progression to align with prior math education, especially for adult and nontraditional learners, through its Pathways to Math Success initiative. Pathways to Math Success encompasses the generation of new math courses and program redevelopment along with an online assessment that determines the students’ level of math preparedness. By providing a smooth progression, SNHU helps scaffold math learning for online students and provides credit for prior learning. To date, 1,373 online students have earned credit through Pathways to Math Success, with 1,981 courses credited and student savings of $1.9 million in course fees alone.

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