Video Interview Excerpts

In 2009 and 2010, interviews were conducted with individuals who played critical roles in the development of the Anytime, Anyplace Learning Program. Ralph Gomory and Frank Mayadas provide their perspectives as officers of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in conceiving and administering the program. We also hear brief stories of the individuals who, as a result of grant projects, have made significant contributions to the field of online learning.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Officers

The voices in this video are but a small sample of the reflections of the grant recipients recorded in 2009 and 2010.
Video Interviews – 18:02
Ralph Gomory, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“When we started online …there were all sorts of denunciations, but we believed you could”
Video Interview – 2:35
Frank Mayadas
Frank Mayadas, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“There may be a way for people to learn using computer networks”
Video Interview – 1:01
Frank Mayadas
Frank Mayadas, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“Online learning has changed the face of education and has made the opportunity for….”
Video Interview: 0:48
Frank Mayadas
Frank Mayadas, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“What was missing was conviction on the part of colleges and universities.”
Video Interview: 1:00
Frank Mayadas
Frank Mayadas, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“The Sloan Consortium started as an informal group of grantees”
Video Interview: 0:58
Meg Benke
Meg Benke, State University of New York – Empire State College
“We have helped shape the larger higher education community.”
Video Interview: 1:17
John Bourne, Vanderbilt University/Sloan Consortium
“People will look back and say that this has been a turning point in providing access to a higher education”
Video Interview: 2:11
Carol Carnevale, State University of New York – Empire State College
“I learned much about different disciplines … and the concerns of faculty.”
Video Interview: 0:54
Bruce Chaloux, Southern Regional Education Board/Sloan Consortium
“The response of Sloan to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita…was a signature moment.”
Video Interview: 4:04
Chuck Dziuban, University of Central Florida
“It has provided a community of scholars to develop ideas, to test ideas and to build structures that allow us to be much better educators”
Video Interview: 1:58
Mary Niemiec, University of Illinois – Chicago
“The Sloan Foundation’s role in blended learning will be seen as having changed the landscape of higher education.”
Video Interview: 1:07
Burks Oakley, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
“Ralph Gomory… a brilliant mind and tremendous human being.”
Video Interview: 3:07
Larry Ragan, Penn State University
“This has been a very personal and profound experience of growth and opportunity…”
Video Interview: 2:00
Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois – Springfield
“My involvement with the Foundation has allowed me to do my best work.”
Video Interview: 2:51
Karen Swan, University of Illinois – Springfield
“I just got an endowed chair at the University of Illinois – Springfield that I never would have been able to get if it were not for Sloan and my work in online learning.”
Video Interview: 0:41
Evelyn Ting, State University of New York – Empire State College
“The most enduring memory..was faculty using the technology to reach people that they wanted to reach that they had not been able to reach before.”
Video Interview: 1:04
Robert Ubell, New York University/Stevens Institute of Technology
“The success of online learning in the United States to some extent can be attributed to the Sloan Consortium and the Sloan Foundation.”
Video Interview: 1:45